AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 61. Stars: Dwarfs and Companions

Display, Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

61.01  Near Infrared AO Spectroscopy of Binary Brown Dwarf Discovered in HD 130948 triple system
M. Goto, N. Kobayashi, H. Terada, N. Takato, W. Gaessler (Subaru Telescope), H. Takami, Y. Hayano (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka), A.T. Tokunaga, D. Potter, M. Cushing (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
61.02 Recently discovered faint companions to nearby white dwarfs
J. Farihi, E.E. Becklin, B. Zuckerman (UCLA)
61.03 Spectral Analysis of L dwarfs using PHOENIX
A. Schweitzer (Univ. of Georgia), J. E. Gizis (Univ. of Delaware), P. H. Hauschildt (Univ. of Georgia), F. Allard (CRAL), I. N. Reid (Univ. of Pennsylvania), J. D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC)
61.04 Discovery of a Substellar Companion to the K Giant Star iota Dra
S. Frink, D.S. Mitchell, A. Quirrenbach (UC San Diego), D.A. Fischer, G.W. Marcy (UC Berkeley)
61.05 A study of faint companions of nearby stars in the near-IR with the Mt.Wilson 100 inch telescope and adaptive optics system.
A. Chakraborty, J. Ge, J. H. Debes (Penn State University), R. Brown (LPL, Arizona), D. McCarthy (Steward Observatory), C. Ftaclas (Michigan Tech. University)
61.06 The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey: A Progress Report
M. R. McGovern, I. S. McLean, L. Prato, A. Burgasser (UCLA), J. D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC)
61.07 A Search for Brown Dwarf Companions to Low-Luminosity Dwarfs
M.W. McElwain (University of California Los Angeles), D.W. Koerner (University of Pennsylvania), J.D. Kirkpatrick (California Institute of Technology), I.N. Reid (Space Telescope Science Institute), P.R. Allen (University of Pennsylvania), G.R. Murphy (University of Maryland)
61.08 T Dwarfs and the Substellar Mass Function
A. J. Burgasser (UC Los Angeles), 2MASS Rare Objects Team
61.09 Brown Dwarfs in the NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey
D. Wik (Ohio University), J. Najita, A. Dey, B. Jannuzi (NOAO)
61.10 Age Dependence of the Substellar Luminosity Function
P.R. Allen, D.W. Koerner (University of Pennsylvania), I.N. Reid (University of Pennsylvania/Space Telescope Science Institute), A.J. Burgasser (University of California Los Angeles)
61.11 Stellar Metallicity Enhancement by Exoplanet Consumption
K.T. Hole, D.D. Sasselov, P.T. Kondratko, C.O. Heinke, S. Schnee, A.Z. Bonanos, G. Ball (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
61.12 Candidate Dust Disk Systems from 2MASS--uvby data for F Stars
A. A. Suchkov (STScI), A. Schultz (STScI/Computer Sciences Co.), Casey Lisse (Univ. of Maryland, Dept. Astron.)

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