AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 60. Star Formation - Accretion and Outflow

Display, Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

60.01 1mm BIMA Observations of IRAS16293: Probing the dust and gas kinematics on 102 AU Scales.
R. Y. Shah (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana)
60.02 Gas Kinematics Around the Youngest Protostars and Jets: The Ammonia Core Encompassing IRAM04191
A. Wootten (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), J. Wiseman (Johns Hopkins University), G. Fuller (UMIST, Manchester, UK)
60.03 Tracing the Mass in Low-Mass Star Formation: Preprotostellar to Class I Cores
C. H. Young, Y.L. Shirley, N.J. Evans II (University of Texas--Austin), J.M.C. Rawlings (University College London)
60.04 Infall and the Accretion Shock in the Protostellar Disk: L1157
T. Velusamy, W.D. Langer (JPL), P.F. Goldsmith (NAIC, Cornell University)
60.05 Searching for Pure-Rotational H2 Emission near Young Stars
M. J. Richter, D.T. Jaffe (UT Austin), G.A. Blake (Caltech), J.H. Lacy (UT Austin)
60.06 Fluorescent H2 in HST/STIS FUV spectra of TTSs
G.J. Herczeg (JILA/University of Colorado), F. M. Walter (SUNY-Stony Brook), A. Brown (CASA/University of Colorado), J.A. Valenti (STScI), D.R. Ardila (University of California-Berkely), C.M. Johns-Krull (Rice University), G.F. Gahm (Stockholm Observatory), J.J. Lissauer (NASA/Ames Research Center), M. Simon (SUNY-Stony Brook)
60.07 CO outflows from YSO
C.F. Lee, L.G. Mundy, J.M. Stone, E.C. Ostriker (University of Maryland, College Park)
60.08 A Composite Model for L1551-IRS 5
M. Osorio, N. Calvet (CfA), P. D'Alessio (UNAM), L. Hartmann (CfA), J. Muzerolle (Steward Observatory)
60.09 HST Snapshot Survey of Nebulous Young Stellar Objects
D. L. Padgett (California Institute of Technology), K. R. Stapelfeldt (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
60.10 Discovery of a Circumstellar Near-Infrared Jet-Like Feature in the Z Canis Majoris System
R. Millan-Gabet, J. D. Monnier (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
60.11 Detection of an Extended Dust Disk Around HD 100546 Using Nulling Interferometry
P.M. Hinz, M.R. Meyer, E.E. Mamajek, W.F. Hoffmann (Steward Observatory), J.L. Hora (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
60.12 Detection of CO Emission from Preplanetary Disks around Herbig AeBe and T Tauri Stars
T. Rettig, S. Brittain (University of Notre Dame), M.J. Mumma, N. Dello Russo, M. DiSanti (NASA/GSFC)
60.13 Detection of CO and H3+ Emission from the Preplanetary Disk of an Herbig AeBe Star From a Star/Disk Interface or Gas Giant Protoplanet?
S. Brittain, T. Rettig (University of Notre Dame)
60.14 The Environment and Wind of the Herbig Ae Star HD 104237: HST/STIS Coronagraphic Imaging and HST/STIS and FUSE FUV spectroscopy
A. Danks (Emergent-IT and GSFC), G. Vieira (SAIC and GSFC), C. Grady (NOAO and GSFC), B. Woodgate (NASA's GSFC), A. Brown, G. Harper, E. Wilkinson (CASA, U. Colorado), C. Herczeg (JILA, U. Colorado and NIST), M. Sitko, A. Bauer (U. Cincinnati), J. Biggs (Perth Observatory, Australia)
60.15 The Environment and Outflow of the G-type T Tauri Star SU Aur
C. Grady (Eureka Scientific, NOAO, and GSFC), K. Stapelfeldt (JPL), M. Clampin (STScI), D. Padgett (SIRTF Science Center), B. Woodgate (NASA's GSFC), T. Henning (AIU and University Observatory, Jena, Germany), V. Grinin (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Ukraine), A. Quirrenbach (UCSC), B. Stecklum (Thuringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg, Germany), M. Sitko (U. Cincinnati), J. Biggs (Perth Observatory, Australia)
60.16 Structure of the inner region of T Tauri circumstellar disks
R.L. Akeson (ISC/Caltech), G. T. van Belle (JPL/Caltech), D. R. Ciardi (U. Florida)
60.17 Heating, Cooling, and Gravitational Instabilities in Protostellar and Protoplanetary Disks
B. K. Pickett (Purdue University Calumet), A. C. Mejia, R. H. Durisen (Indiana University)
60.18 Nonlinear Evolution of the Magnetorotational Instability in Weakly Ionized Accretion Disks: Effect of the Hall Term and Ohmic Dissipation
T. Sano, J. M. Stone (Univ. of Maryland)
60.19 Accreting Protoplanets around the Young Stellar Object SU Aurigae
J.F. Sepinsky, S.G. Engle, L.E. DeWarf, E.F. Guinan (Villanova University), I. Ribas (Universidad de Barcelona)

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