AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 58. Interstellar Medium - II

Display, Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

58.01 The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper Northern Sky Survey
L.M. Haffner, R.J. Reynolds, G.J. Madsen (UW--Madison), S.L. Tufte (Lewis & Clark), K.P. Jaehnig, J.P. Percival (UW--Madison (SAL)), N.R. Hausen (UW--Madison)
58.02 The Heterogeneous Nature of the Warm Ionized Medium
G.J. Madsen, R.J. Reynolds, L.M. Haffner (Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison)
58.03 Giant Clumps in the Inner Galaxy
58.04 The Chemical Composition at the Edge of the Galaxy
D.A. Lubowich (Hofstra University), J. M. Pasachoff (Hopkins Observatory, Williams College, Williamstown, MA), T. J. Millar, H. Roberts (Dept. of Physics, University of Manchester Institute of Technology, Manchester UK), G. B. Brammer (Hopkins Observatory, Williams College, Williamtown, MA), C. Henkel ((Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany)
58.05 The Radial Distribution of Cold HI in the Galaxy
M. A. Kolpak, J. M. Jackson, T. M. Bania (Boston University IAR)
58.06 A New Outer Galaxy Molecular Cloud Catalog: Applications to Galactic Structure
C. R. Kerton (NRC Canada / HIA / DRAO), C. M. Brunt (U. Calgary / DRAO), C. Pomerleau (U. Montreal)
58.07 Polarization Imaging of the Galactic Emission at 1420 MHz -- the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
T.L. Landecker, B. Uyan{i}ker, R. Kothes (National Research Council Canada, Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory)
58.08 Automating the Synthetic Field Method
B. W. Holwerda, R. J. Allen (Space Telescope Science Institute), P. C. van der Kruit (Kapteyn Institute Groningen)
58.09 The Andromeda Project: Mapping the Small-Scale ISM
J. T. Lauroesch, D. M. Meyer (Northwestern U.), S. M. Andrews (U. of Hawaii), K. C. Roth (Gemini Observatory)
58.10 The Leading H\alpha Bar in NGC 3359
C. R. Byrnes, L.V. Jones (Denison University)
58.11 Do Gas Properties Determine the Nuclear Molecular Morphology of Double Barred Galaxies?
G. R. Petitpas (University of Maryland), C. D. Wilson (McMaster University)
58.12 Bar Ellipticity and Central Mass Concentrations in Nearby Spiral Galaxies
M. Das, P.J. Teuben, S.N. Vogel, A. Harris (University of Maryland), M.W. Regan (Space Telescope Science Institute), K. Sheth (California Institute of Technology), T.T. Helfer (University of California at Berkeley), M.D. Thornley (Bucknell University)
58.13 Searching for Superbubbles in NGC 300
D. A. Tomczyk, L. V. Jones (Denison University)
58.14 Diffuse X-ray Emission from Messier 101
58.15 On the Importance of Source Geometry for Continuum Radiation
M. Palotti, S. D. Doty (Denison University)
58.16 The Nonlinear Small-Scale Dynamo
A. Schekochihin, S. Cowley, J. Maron (Imperial College), L. Malyshkin (University of Chicago), J. McWilliams (UCLA)
58.17 Scaling relations, anisotropy and mode coupling for compressible interstellar turbulence
A. Lazarian, J. Cho (UW-Madison)
58.18 Time-Dependent, Multifluid Magnetohydrodynamic Shock Waves in Dusty Plasmas
G. E. Ciolek, W. G. Roberge (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

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