AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 3. Exoplanets, Dynamics and Earth

Display, Monday, January 7, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Monroe/Lincoln

3.01 The Search for Extrasolar Trojan Planets: An Update
S.A. Davis, D.B. Caton, K.A. Kluttz, K.D. Wohlman, R.J. Stamilio, K.B. Hix (Appalachian State University)
3.02 A new Virtual Interferometer technique for Extrasolar Planet Searches
S. Mahadevan, J. Ge, J. van Eyken, C. DeWitt, D. Berger, L. W. Ramsey (PSU)
3.03 A Moire Fringing Spectrometer for Extra-Solar Planet Searches
J. C. van Eyken, J. Ge, S. Mahadevan, C. De Witt, L. W. Ramsey, D. Berger (Penn State University), S. Shaklan, X. Pan (JPL)
3.04 Modulation of Ca II H&K Emission by Extrasolar Planets
E. Shkolnik, G.A.H. Walker (University of British Columbia), D.A. Bohlender (Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics)
3.05 Lick Adaptive Optics Companion Search around Nearby Solar-type Stars
J. P. Lloyd (U. California, Berkeley), M. C. Liu (IFA, U. Hawaii), D. Fischer, J. R. Graham, G. W. Marcy (U. California, Berkeley)
3.06 An Adaptive-Optics Imaging Search for Young Jovian-Mass Planets
M. Liu (IfA/Hawaii)
3.07 HST/FGS High Speed Photometry of the Transiting Planet HD~209458b
A.B. Schultz, F. Hamilton, J. Hershey, I. Jordan, M. Kochte (CSC/STScI), G. Henry (TSU), S. Vogt (UCSC), F. Bruhweiler (CUA), A. Storrs (Towson University), H.M. Hart (CSC/JHU), M. Rodrigue (UNR), D.P. Hamilton (UMD), W.F. Welsh (SDSU), D. Taylor (STScI)
3.08 A Dynamical Analysis of the 47 UMa Planetary System
G. Laughlin (UCO/Lick Observatory), J. Chambers (NASA Ames Research Center), D. Fischer (UC Berkeley)
3.09 Unstable Planetary Systems Around White Dwarfs
S. Sigurdsson, J.H. Debes (Penn State University)
3.10 Orbital Stability of Earth-like Planets in Stellar Habitable Zones
M. Noble, Z.E. Musielak, M. Cuntz (Uni. Texas, Arlington)
3.11 Gas-accretion flow onto the protoplanet: three-dimensional numerical simulation
T. Tanigawa (Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Nagoya Univ.), S. Watanabe (Graduate School of Environmental studies, Nagoya Univ.)
3.12 The Spectrum of Earthshine: A Pale Blue Dot Observed from the Ground
N.J. Woolf (Steward Observatory), W.A. Traub (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), P. Smith (Steward Observatory), K.W. Jucks (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
3.13 Chemical and Astrobiological Effects of Ionizing Irradiation of Planetary Atmospheres
D. S. Smith (Harvard University, UT-Austin), J. Scalo, J. C. Wheeler (UT-Austin)
3.14 Solar UV Radiation and the Origin of Life on Earth
S. R. Heap (NASA's GSFC), E. Gaidos (U. Hawaii), I. Hubeny (NOAO & GSFC), T. M. Lanz (U. MD & GSFC)

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