AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 137. Topics in Stellar Evolution

Display, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

137.01 Mid-IR Imaging and Polarimetry of Highly Evolved Objects
C.A. Jurgenson, R.E. Stencel, D.S. Theil (University of Denver)
137.02 On Death Statistics of OH/IR Stars
B. M. Lewis (Arecibo Observatory)
137.03 Boron Abundances in Main Sequence B-type Stars: A Test of Rotational Depletion during Main Sequence Evolution
K.A. Venn (U.Minnesota, Macalester College), A.M. Brooks (Columbia U., Macalester College), D.L. Lambert (U.Texas-Austin), M. Lemke (U.Sternwarte-Bamberg), N. Langer (Utrecht), D.J. Lennon (INT, La Palma), F.P. Keenan (Queen's U.-Belfast)
137.04 The Origin of Hot Subluminous Horizontal-Branch Stars in \omega Cen and NGC~2808
A.V. Sweigart (GSFC), T.M. Brown (STScI), S. Moehler (Bamberg), T. Lanz (GSFC), W.B. Landsman (SSAI), I. Hubeny (GSFC), S. Dreizler (Tübingen), R. Napiwotzki (Bamberg)
137.05 Rotational Velocities of Field Blue Horizontal Branch Stars
V.K. Weafer (DAO-HIA, Mount Allison University), J.P. Fulbright (DAO-HIA)
137.06 The Abundances and Age of the Galactic Halo Star BD~+17\circ3248
J.J. Cowan (Univ. of Oklahoma), C. Sneden, I.I. Ivans (Univ. of Texas), S. Burles (MIT ), T.C. Beers (Mich. State Univ.), J.W. Truran (Univ. of Chicago), J.E. Lawler (Univ. of Wisconsin), F. Primas (ESO), G.M. Fuller (UCSD), B. Pfeiffer, K.-L. Kratz (Univ. of Mainz)
137.07 A Very Large Bipolar Structure Associated with MWC314: An Evolved Eta Carina?
A. P. Marston, B. McCollum (SSC, Caltech)
137.08 The Carbon Isotope Ratio in Giants in the Globular Cluster M3
C. A. Pilachowski (Indiana University), C. Sneden (University of Texas at Austin)
137.09 Bump Cepheids and the Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation
S. C. Keller (IGPP/LLNL), P. R. Wood (RSAA, Australian National University), Djehuty Team
137.10 HST-STIS Spectra of the r-Process-Rich Halo Giant CS 22892-052
C. Sneden (U. Texas, Austin), J.J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma), J.W. Truran (U. Chicago), T.C. Beers (Michigan State U.), J.E. Lawler (U. Wisconsin)
137.11 UV Observations of OH, NH & CH Lines Using HDS on Subaru Telescope
I. K. Shelton (Subaru telescope, NAOJ)
137.12 Diffusion, Pulsation and what the tell us about Dynamic Processes in Stars
S. Turcotte (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

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