AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 133. Variable Stars: Searchers, Data, Analysis

Display, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

133.01 Fifty Newly Confirmed Variable Stars from the NSV Catalogues
H.J. Augensen (Widener U.), W.D. Heintz (Swarthmore College), V. Bonina, J. Dunlap, S. Jonas, D. Olszewski, J. Gottwald, D. Pringle, M.R. Schultz (Widener U.)
133.02 Recovered Harvard Variables In The Milky Way
J.R. Weirich (U. of Missouri at Rolla & Maria Mitchell Obs.), N. Samus (Inst. of Astron. Russian Ac. of Sci., Sternberg Astron. Inst.Moscow U.,), A. Baranov (Moscow Astron. Club)
133.03 CCD Photometry of Variables Stars
E. J. Jeffery (Brigham Young University), M. D. Reed (Southwest Missouri State University)
133.04 Variable Stars in the M31 Dwarf Spheroidal Companion Andromeda VI
B. J. Pritzl, T. E. Armandroff (NOAO/KPNO), G. H. Jacoby (WIYN), G. S. Da Costa (RSAA/ANU)
133.05 Seeing Spots: Wing Near-IR TiO and V-Band Photometry of Chromospherically Active Stars
R. Wasatonic (Villanova University), M. T. Mirtorabi (Inst. for Adv. Studies for Basic Sci., Zanjan, IRAN), E. F. Guinan (Villanova University), S. Messina (Catania Astrophy. Obs., Italy)
133.06 FUSE Observations of Luminous Blue Variables
R.C. Iping (Catholic University of America), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC)
133.07 Spectroscopy of Be Stars Kappa Draconis and 60 Cygnus
K. V. Croxall (Brigham Young University), N. D. Morisson, K. S. Bjorkman (University of Toledo)
133.08 Resonance line-profile calculations based on hydrodynamical models of cataclysmic variable winds
D. Proga (GSFC/NASA, NRC and JILA, University of Colorado), T.R. Kallman (GSFC/NASA), J.E. Drew, L.E. Hartley (Imperial College)
133.09 The Chandra X-ray Grating Spectrum of Eta Car and WR 140
M. F. Corcoran (USRA & GSFC-LHEA), A. M. T. Pollock (C & S Ltd.), J. Pittard (Leeds), Initials Stevens (U. Birmingham)
133.10 A High Resolution Imaging Survey of A Stars with AEOS
J. Patience, B. A. Macintosh, C. E. Max (LLNL)
133.11 Asteroseismology of the roAp Star \alpha Cir Using the WIRE Star Camera
D. L. Buzasi (US Air Force Academy), T. J. Kreidl (Northern Arizona University), J. Schou (Stanford University), H. L. Preston (US Air Force Academy), R. Laher, J. Catanzarite, T. Conrow (California Institute of Technology)
133.12 Space-Based Asteroseismology of the roAp star \gamma Equ
T. J. Kreidl (Northern Arizona University), D. L. Buzasi, H. L. Preston (US Air Force Academy), R. Laher, J. Catanzarite, T. Conrow (Caltech)
133.13 A Search for Radio Emission from Galactic Supersoft X-ray Sources
R.N. Ogley (University of Keele), S. Chaty (The Open University), M. Crocker (Jodrell Bank Observatory), S.P.S. Eyres (University of Central Lancashire), M.A. Kenworthy (University of Arizona), A.M.S. Richards (Jodrell Bank Observatory), L.F. Rodriguez (UNAM), A.M. Stirling (University of Central Lancashire)
133.14 Radial-Velocity Survey of Overluminous F Stars
R. F. Griffin (University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy), A. A. Suchkov (STScI)
133.15 HS1136+6646: A Bright Pre-CV System Containing a Very Hot DAO White Dwarf
D. K. Sing, J. B. Holberg (University of Arizona), S. Howell (Planetary Science Institute), M. A. Barstow, M. Burleigh (University of Leicester)
133.16 Application of a New Method of Stellar Seismology to a Pulsating Pre-White Dwarf Star
M.S. O'Brien (STScI), C. Winrich (Babson College)

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