AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 100. Galaxy Clusters and Mergers

Display, Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

100.01 The NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey
M.J. Hudson (Waterloo), R.L. Davies, J.R. Lucey, S.A.W. Moore (Durham), J.E. Nelan (Dartmouth ), S.J. Quinney (Durham), D. Schade (CADC/HIA), R.J. Smith (U Catolica, Chile), N.B. Suntzeff (CTIO/NOAO), G.A. Wegner (Dartmouth )
100.02 The Intrinsic Precision in the Fundamental Plane of Elliptical Galaxies
M. J. Pierce (University of Wyoming), R. C. Berrington (ASEE/NRL)
100.03 Faraday Rotation Measure Study of Cluster Magnetic Fields
M.M. Frankel (Wellesley College), T.E. Clarke (NRAO)
100.04 Composite luminosity function of SDSS Cut & Enhance galaxy cluster catalog.
T.G. Goto (Carnegie Mellon University/University of Tokyo), R. C. N. Nichol, C. M. Miller (Carnegie Mellon University), SDSS Collaboration
100.05 Using the Bull's Eye Effect to Probe \Omegam
B. C. Thomas, A. Melott, H. Feldman (University of Kansas)
100.06 Radio Halo Formation through Magneto-Turbulent Particle Acceleration in Clusters of Galaxies
M. Takizawa (Department of Astronomy, University of Virginia), H. Ohno (Yamagata Junior College, Japan), S. Shibata (Yamagata University, Japan)
100.07 Low Frequency VLA Observations of Diffuse Emission in Abell 754
T. E. Clarke (NRAO), N. E. Kassim (NRL), T. A. Ensslin (MPA), A. S. Cohen (NRL), D. M. Neumann (CEA/Saclay)
100.08 Optimal Moments for the Analysis of Peculiar Velocity Surveys
R. Watkins (Willamette U.), H.A. Feldman (U. Kansas)
100.09 Chandra Observations of the Disruption of the Cool Core in Abell 133
Y. Fujita, C. L. Sarazin (University of Virginia)
100.10 Chandra X-ray Imaging of a Protocluster Region
M.W. Bautz (MIT Center for Space Research), G.P. Garmire (Penn State Univesity)
100.11 Studying the Environment Around NGC 3607 and NGC 3608 with Chandra
J. P. Grimes, W. Forman, C. Jones (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
100.12 Galaxy Clusters and Self-Interacting Dark Matter
J.S. Arabadjis, M.W. Bautz (MIT )
100.13 Cluster-to-Cluster Variation in the Galaxy Luminosity Function and Dwarf Galaxy Populations
K. Chiboucas, M. Mateo (University of Michigan)
100.14 An Analysis of the Chandra Observations of the Merging Cluster Abell 1644
R. Srinivasan, J. J. Mohr (Dept. of Astronomy, University of Illinois)
100.15 Galaxy Cluster, Cooling Flows, and Large-Scale Structure: Environmental Effects on Large Scales
A. L. Melott (University of Kansas)
100.16 Gas Stripping, Turbulence, and Wake Formation in Cluster Mergers
P. M. Ricker (U. Chicago), C. L. Sarazin, J. C. Kempner (U. Virginia), A. C. Calder, L. J. Dursi, B. Fryxell, D. Q. Lamb (U. Chicago), K. Olson (NASA/GSFC), R. Rosner, F. X. Timmes, J. W. Truran, H. Tufo (U. Chicago), M. Zingale (UC Santa Cruz)
100.17 Accelerated Particles from Shocks formed in Merging Clusters of Galaxies
R. C. Berrington (ASEE/NRL), C. D. Dermer (NRL)
100.18 The Oxford-Dartmouth Thirty Degree Survey (ODTS)
G. A. Wegner, M. G. Hammell (Dartmouth ), G. B. Dalton, L. Moustakas, E. J. Olding, P. Allen (Oxford)
100.19 Compact Groups of Galaxies in the SDSS Early Data Release
B. C. Lee, D. L. Tucker (FNAL), S. S. Allam (NRIAG/FNAL)
100.20 "The Composite Luminosity Function and Halo Occupation Distribution for Clusters and Groups in the SDSS"
S. M. Hansen (Univ. of Michigan), J. Annis (FNAL), T. Goto (Carnegie Mellon), R. S. J. Kim (Johns Hopkins), A. Kimball, T. A. McKay, E. S. Sheldon (Univ. of Michigan)
100.21 X-ray Scaling Laws for Galaxy Clusters and Groups
Donald Horner, Wayne Baumgartner (UMD/GSFC), Richard Mushotzky, Keith Gendreau (NASA/GSFC)

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