AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
Session 141. AGN and non-AGN Populations and Unification
Oral, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 10:00-11:30am, International Ballroom East

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[141.04] Chandra Multiwavelength Plane (ChaMPlane) Survey: Initial X-ray Results

J. Grindlay, P. Zhao, P. Edmonds, M. Garcia, J. Jenkins, J. McClintock, E. Schegel (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), H. Cohn, P. Lugger (Indiana Univ.)

The ChaMPlane survey of the galactic plane (~100 ACIS fields over 5 years, selected for exposure at least ~20ksec, galactic latitude below ~10deg, and minimum column density NH), will provide the largest sample of faint galactic x-ray sources. The arcsec positions for most of these will allow unambiguous optical identifications from our NOAO Long Term Survey program and measurement of source properties to enable new constraints on the galactic populations of accretion-powered white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes as well as stellar coronal x-ray sources. Here we provide initial results on the x-ray source properties for the first 10 fields (for which archival data are available). We present x-ray fluxes, x-ray colors (from Soft, Medium and Hard bands) and detected source distributions for an initial assessment of the likely populations being seen. Optical identifications are presented for sources in several example fields (and see paper by Zhao et al) to provide an initial calibration and investigation of the x-ray/optical flux vs. color relations. This work is supported by NASA/SAO grant AR1-2001X and NSF grant AST-0098683.

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