AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
Session 87. Interacting Galaxies
Display, Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Monroe/Lincoln

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[87.02] Extended X-ray Emission in Arp 220

J.C. McDowell (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), D. Clements (Imperial College, London), S. Lamb (UIUC), S. Arribas, K. Borne (STScI), C. Mundell (Manchester), A. C. Baker (Cardiff), L. Colina (CSIC, Madrid)

The prototypical ultraluminous infrared galaxy Arp 220 is the host to a number of energetic astrophysical processes. Evidence for extended X-ray emission from the galaxy was obtained by ROSAT and identified as a possible superwind. Analysis of our Chandra observation of Arp 220 shows multiple spatial components in the X-ray emission which correlate well with optical line emission. We present ACIS X-ray CCD spectra of the hot gas in the putative superwind and in the more intense diffuse emission within the boundaries of the optical galaxy, and compare with the optical data.

We acknowledge support of the Chandra Guest Observer program, grant GO1-1166.

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