AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
Session 138. AGN - Surveys
Display, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[138.06] Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei from the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey

C. Gronwall (JHU), V.L. Sarajedini (U. Florida), J.J. Salzer (Wesleyan)

Objective-prism surveys for UV-excess and emission-line galaxies, especially the Markarian survey, have been central to the study of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Here we present results from the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey (KISS), a modern digital objective-prism survey for emission line objects. KISS is able to probe several magnitudes fainter than previous objective-prism surveys which utilized photographic plates. This survey is discovering substantial numbers of new nearby (z < 0.1) AGNs, in particular low-luminosity Seyfert's and LINERs. We discuss the properties of the sample, including the Seyfert luminosity function. We also present cross-correlations of the KISS AGN sample with surveys at other wavelengths, including the x-ray, radio, and far-infrared.

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