DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 60. Extra-Solar Planets

Oral, Chairs: M. Kuchner, M. McGrath, Saturday,
December 1, 2001, 2:30-4:10pm, Regency GH

60.01 An Upper Limit to the Mass of \rho1\,Cnc's Radial Velocity Companion
M. A. McGrath, E. Nelan (STScI), D. C. Black (LPI), G. Gatewood (U. Pitt.), I. Han (Kor.~Astr.~Obs.~Korea), S. Lubow, K. Noll (STScI), A. Schultz (CSC/STScI), T. F. Stepinski (LPI), T. Targett (Cardiff U. of Wales)
60.02 Infrared Observations During the Secondary Eclipse of HD209458b
L.J. Richardson (LASP, Univ. of Colorado, and GSFC), D. Deming (GSFC), G. Wiedemann (Univ. Observatory, Munich), C. Goukenleuque (NAS/NRC at GSFC), L.W. Esposito (LASP, Univ. of Colorado), J. Harrington (Cornell Univ.)
60.03 Searching for Jovian planets around brown dwarfs and white dwarfs
E. L. Martin, M. Connelley (University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy)
60.04 Alkali Line Shapes in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
R. V. Yelle (Northern Arizona University), H. Partridge (NASA Ames Research Cntr.), C. A. Griffith (Northern Arizona University)
60.05 From the observation of circumstellar dust disks to orbital structure
E. Pantin, S. Charnoz (Groupe Gamma-Gravitation SAp CE Saclay)
60.06 Terrestrial Planet Formation in the Alpha Centauri System
E. V. Quintana (NASA Ames & University of Michigan), J. J. Lissauer, J. E. Chambers (NASA Ames), M. J. Duncan (Queen's University)
60.07 Vulcans and hot Neptunes --- in-situ formation versus migration
G. Wuchterl (MPE)
60.08 Planets on Eccentric Orbits, Phase-Locked Dust Blobs, and the Ring Around Epsilon Eridani
M. Kuchner, M. Holman (Smithsonian)
60.09 Stability of Moons Around Extrasolar Planets
J. W. Barnes, D. P. O'Brien (University of Arizona LPL)
60.10 Astrobiology's Central Dilemma: How can we detect Life if we cannot even Define it?
B.C. Clark (Lockheed Martin Astronautics)

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