DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 59. Asteroid Surveys and Physical Studies I

Oral, Chairs: M. Kelley, A. Rivkin, Saturday,
December 1, 2001, 2:30-4:10pm, Regency E

59.01 Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking at Palomar and Maui
S. H. Pravdo, E. F. Helin, M. Hicks, K. Lawrence, (JPL/Caltech)
59.02 Applications of Statistical Ranging
E. Bowell (Lowell Obs.), K. Muinonen (Turin Obs.), J. Virtanen (Univ. Helsinki)
59.03 Generation and distribution of ejecta on asteroid 433 Eros
P. C. Thomas (Cornell University), M. S. Robinson (Northwestern University), J. Veverka (Cornell University), S. Murchie (Applied Physics Laboratory)
59.04 Eros: Crater Densities in 3 Major Impact Features
M. Berthoud, P. Thomas, J. Veverka (Cornell)
59.05 Shape, Topography and Roughness of 433 Eros from the NEAR Laser Rangefinder
A.F. Cheng (Johns Hopkins Applied Phys Lab), D.E. Smith (NASA/GSFC), M.T. Zuber (MIT and NASA/GSFC), O. Barnouin-Jha (Johns Hopkins Applied Phys Lab)
59.06 Size Dependence of Near-Earth Asteroid Spectral Properties: A Comparison with Space Weathering Models
R. P. Binzel (Obs. Paris), S. J. Bus (U. Hawaii), T. H. Burbine (NMNH), L. E. Malcom (Caltech)
59.07 Compositional Dependency of Space Weathering: Pulse Laser Irradiation and Reflectance Measurement on Olivine-Pyroxene Mixtures
S. Sasaki, E. Kurahashi (Univ. Tokyo)
59.08 E-class Asteroids: Troilite, Hydrated Minerals, Both, or Neither?
A. S. Rivkin (MIT), E. S. Howell (Arecibo Obs.)
59.09 CCD Observations of Asteroid 1998 SF36 (25143)
S.C. Lowry, P.R. Weissman, M.D. Hicks (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
59.10 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Trojan Asteroids
J. P. Emery, R. H. Brown (LPL/University of Arizona)

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