DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 57. Future Missions and Instruments posters

Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Saturday,
December 1, 2001, 2:00-2:30pm, French Market Exhibit Hall

57.01 The Selective Image Reconstruction (SIR) Imaging Technique: Applications to Planetary Science
A.S. Hale (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), R. Dantowitz (Boston Museum of Science), M. Kozubel (Portents Software), S. Teare (New Mexico Institute of Technology), S.G. Gillam (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
57.02 Automation of the Lowell Observatory 0.8-m Telescope
M.W. Buie (Lowell Observatory)
57.03 A Novel Dust Telescope
E. Grün (MPI-K/U. Hawaii), R. Srama, H. Krüger, S. Kempf (MPI-K), D. Harris, T. Conlon (U. Hawaii), S. Auer (A&M Assoc.)
57.04 Deep Space Network Availability for Radio and Radar Astronomy
B.J. Geldzahler (NASA HQ), M.J. Klein, G.M. Resch (JPL Caltech)
57.05 NAVIGATOR: Autonomous navigation system for planetary exploration landers based on stereo vision
G.P. Guizzo (Carlo Gavazzi Space), F. Angrilli (CISAS ``G.Colombo"), I. Vukman (University of Padova)
57.06 Recovering Voyager 2 Photopolarimeter (PPS) Data
K. E. Simmons (LASP, University of Colorado)
57.07 Multiple Deep Jupiter Atmospheric Probes Delivered By a Modified INSIDE Jupiter Spacecraft
T.R. Spilker (JPL/Caltech)
57.08 MUSE: Searching for Biomarkers in a Life-Bearing Planet
G.R. Davis (U Saskatchewan), S.B. Calcutt (U Oxford), J.R. Drummond (U Toronto), D.A. Naylor (U Lethbridge), A.J. Penny (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), S. Seager (Institute of Advanced Study)
57.09 Using ANTS to explore small body populations in the solar system.
P.E. Clark (Catholic University of America), M. Rilee (Emergent IT), W. Truszkowski, S. Curtis, G. Marr (NASA/GSFC), C. Chapman (Southwest Research Institute)
57.10 A combined atmospheric and geological mission to Mars
V. J. Hipkin, J. R. Drummond, B. M. Quine, K. Strong, B. T. Tolton (U Toronto), J. J. Caldwell, J. C. McConnell (U York), B. A. Rivard, B. Jones (U Alberta), G. R. Davis (U Saskatchewan)
57.11 IRA: Infrared Radiometer for the BepiColombo Mission
J. Knollenberg, E. Kuehrt (DLR-Berlin)
57.12 Asteroidal background for the Wide Angle Camera of the Rosetta Mission
C. Barbieri (Department of Astronomy, University of Padova, Italy), F. Bernardi (Department of Astronomy, University of Tor Vergata, CNR-IAS, Italy), I. Bertini (Department of Astronomy, University of Padova, Italy)
57.13 Design possibilities for a field-widened Michelson interferometer for wind and temperature measurements in planetary atmospheres
W.E. Ward (Dept of Physics, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada), W.A. Gault, G.G. Shepherd, I.C. McDade, M Kowalski (Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science, York University, Toronto, Canada), D.Y. Wang (CRESTech, Toronto, Canada), J.C. McConnell, D. Michelangeli, C. Parkinson (Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, York University, Toront, Canada), J. Caldwell (Department of Physics and Astronomy, York University, Toronto, Canada), N. Rowlands, S. Wang (EMS Technologies Canada, Ltd., Ottawa, Canada)
57.14 The ``Planetary Aerosol Monitor/ Interplanetary Dust Analyzer" Instrument for Comet or Planet Missions.
B. Å. S. Gustafson (U. Florida), F. Giovane (Space Sc. Div., NRL), L. Kolokolova, K.W.T. Waldemarsson, Y.-l. Xu, J. McKisson (U. Florida)
57.15 Polarimetric studies of H Ly-alpha Emissions in the Solar Neighborhood:
W. M. Harris, F. L. Roesler (University of Wisconsin-Madison), L. Ben-Jaffel (IAP-CNRS), K. H. Nordsieck, J. P. Corliss (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
57.16 Inorganic and Organic Analysis (Pyr/CD-GC/MS) of the Martian Soil
M. Cabane (Service d'Aéronomie), P. Coll (LISA), G. Israel (Service d'Aéronomie), F. Raulin (LISA), H. Niemann, P. Mahaffy (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), R. Sternberg, C. Rodier (LISA), P. Rannou (Service d'Aéronomie)
57.17 Regolith thermal property inversion in the LUNAR-A heat-flow experiment
A. Hagermann, S. Tanaka, S. Yoshida, A. Fujimura, H. Mizutani (ISAS, Sagamihara, Japan)
57.18 The LIDNIS Instrument: Atmosphere and Surface Interaction Studies on the MSE Lander by Mass Spectrometry coupled with Laser-Induced Desorption
E. Chassefiere, F. Leblanc, A. Sarkissian (SA/CNRS), J.-J. Berthelier (CETP/CNRS), A. Jambon (MAGIE/University Paris 6), M. Chaussidon (CRPG/CNRS), R. Johnson (University of Virginia)
57.19 GEODE : In situ planetary compact geochemistry facility
F. Angrilli (CISAS ``G.Colombo"), G.P. Guizzo (Carlo Gavazzi Space), J.P. Bibring (IAS, Orsay), M. Fulchignoni (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), L. Marinangeli (IRSPS)
57.20 Tether Magnetometer system for study of Mercury Magnetophysics
G. Colombatti, F. Angrilli, G. Bianchini, A. Crepaldi (CISAS - Università di Padova)
57.21 An Overview of the Comet Nucleus TOUR Discovery Mission and a Description of Neutral Gas and Ion Measurements Planned
P. Mahaffy (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), J. Veverka (Cornell University), H. Niemann, D. Harpold (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), M. Chiu (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labratory), E. Reynolds (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory), T. Owen (University of Hawaii), W. Kasprzak (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), E. Raaen, E. Patrick, J. Demick (SSAI)
57.22 The Deep Impact Discovery Mission: Update
L.A. McFadden, M.F. A'Hearn, C.M. Lisse, D.D. Wellnitz (U. Maryland), M.J.S. Belton (Belton Space Exploration Initiatives), A. Delamere (Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.), K.P. Klaasen (JPL), J. Kissel (MPI), K.J. Meech (U. Hawaii), H.J. Melosh (U. Arizona), P.H. Schultz (Brown U.), J. M. Sunshine (SAIC), J. Veverka (Cornell U.), D.K. Yeomans (JPL)
57.23 Determination of the cometary mass flux on the Rosetta spacecraft
M. Paetzold, A. Wennmacher, J. Schmitt (Cologne University), B. Haeusler (Universitaet der Bundeswehr), Michael K. Bird (Bonn University), F.M. Neubauer (Cologne University), K. Aksnes (Oslo University)

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