DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 41. Asteroids Posters

Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Friday,
November 30, 2001, 9:00-10:30am, French Market Exhibit Hall

41.01 Orbital Dynamics about a Slowly Rotating Asteroid
J. E. Howard (LASP, University of Colorado)
41.02 Nutational Damping Times in Solids of Revolution
I. Sharma, J. A. Burns, C.-Y. Hui (Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University)
41.03 Classifying Asteroids by Macroporosity
G. J. Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory), D. T. Britt (University of Tennessee)
41.04 A comprehensive model of regolith evolution: The case of Asteroid 433/Eros
M. Küppers (Universität Bern, Switzerland)
41.05 The Role of Asteroid Strength in Impact Damage
J.G. Hills, M.P. Goda (Los Alamos National Lab)
41.06 Galileo 243 Ida System Spectral Observations Revisited
J. C. Granahan (BAE SYSTEMS)
41.07 NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office
D.K. Yeomans, R.C. Baalke, A.B. Chamberlin, S.R. Chesley, P.W. Chodas, J.D. Giorgini, M.S. Keesey (JPL/Caltech)
41.08 Sentry: An Automated Close Approach Monitoring System for Near-Earth Objects
A.B. Chamberlin, S.R. Chesley, P.W. Chodas, J.D. Giorgini, M.S. Keesey, R.N. Wimberly, D.K. Yeomans (JPL/Caltech)
41.09 Catalog based two-color, relative photometry of NEOs at McDonald Observatory
E. S. Barker, J. Györgyey Ries, P. J. Shelus, R. L. Ricklefs (University of Texas at Austin, McDonald Observatory)
41.10 Roadmap to the Geological and Geophysical Properties of NEOs
W. F. Huebner (SwRI), E. Asphaug (UCSC), M. J. S. Belton (Belton Space Exploration Initiatives), J. M. Greenberg (U. Leiden, The Netherlands), S. Gulkis, D. Yeomans (JPL)
41.11 New Asteroid Ephemerides for the Astronomical Almanac
J.L. Hilton (U.S. Naval Observatory)
41.12 Recent Results from Follow-up Astrometric Observations of KBOs and NEOs
D. J. Tholen, M. S. Connelley (University of Hawaii)
41.13 Radar Observations of Asteroid 25143 (1998 SF36)
S. J. Ostro, L. A. M. Benner (JPL/Caltech), M. C. Nolan (Arecibo Observatory), J. D. Giorgini, R. F. Jurgens, R. Rose, D. K. Yeomans (JPL/Caltech)
41.14 Initial Analysis of HST Snapshot Images of Asteroids
A.D. Storrs, K. Makhoul (Towson Univ), M.J. Gaffey (U. N. Dakota), R Landis (JPL), F Vilas (JSC/NASA HQ), E.N. Wells (CSC/STScI), C Wood (BSI), B Zellner (Ga. Southern Univ)
41.15 Analysis of the First Disk-Resolved Images of Ceres from Ultraviolet Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope
J. Wm. Parker, S. A. Stern (Southwest Research Institute), P. C. Thomas (Cornell University), M. C. Festou (Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees), W. J. Merline, E. F. Young (Southwest Research Institute), R. P. Binzel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), L. A. Lebofsky (University of Arizona)
41.16 Investigating Asteroids on the Olivine-to-Pyroxene Continuum
S. J. Bus (Univ. Hawaii), J. M. Sunshine (SAIC), R. P. Binzel (Obs. Paris), T. H. Burbine (NMNH)
41.17 First Asteroid Spectrometric Observations with BTA: 3045 Alois
V. V. Busarev (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Russia), A. N. Burenkov, A. G. Pramskij (SAO, Russia)
41.18 Diversity Among A-Asteroids
J. M. Sunshine (SAIC), S. J. Bus (IfA, U. Hawaii), T. H. Burbine, T. McCoy (National Museum of Natural History/ Smithsonian Inst.), R. P. Binzel (MIT)
41.19 MUSES-C target asteroid 25143 (1998 SF36): High-phase versus low phase
M. S. Kelley (NASA-JSC, Mail Code SR), F. Vilas (NASA-HQ, Code SE), K. S. Jarvis (Lockheed Martin Space Operations), P. E. Painter (Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Texas)
41.20 Compositional Trends within the NEA Population: Results from a Spectroscopic Survey of 54 Objects
R. A. Fevig, U. Fink (LPL, University of Arizona)
41.21 Initial Results of the Cornell Mid-IR Asteroid Spectroscopy Survey
L.F. Lim, J.F. Bell, B.E. Clark, T.H. McConnochie (Cornell University), T.L. Hayward (Gemini Observatory), A. Barucci (Obs. Paris), E. Dotto (Obs. Turin)
41.22 Modeling thermal emission of the large main belt asteroids from submillimeter to radio wavelengths
P.S. Barrera-Pineda (Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica), A.J. Lovell (Department of Physics and Astronomy Agnes Scott College), F.P. Schloerb (Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Massachusetts), L. Carrasco (Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica)
41.23 MSX Images and Photometry of Small Solar System Objects
S.D. Price (AFRL/VSB), M.P. Egan (AFRL/VSS), R. Walker (VRI), P. Noah (MRC), E.F. Tedesco (Terrasystems), S.J. Carey, D. Mizuno, T.A. Kuchar (BC), T Murdock (FTI), E Barker, S Jayaraman (VRI)
41.24 MIMPS
E.F. Tedesco (TerraSystems, Inc.), S.D. Price, M.P. Egan (AFRL/VS)
41.25 2MASS Survey of Asteroids, Comets, and Satellites
M.V. Sykes (U. Arizona), R.M. Cutri, J.W. Fowler (Caltech), D.J. Tholen (U. Hawaii), M.F. Skrutskie (U. Mass.)

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