DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 40. Extra-Solar Planet Posters

Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Friday,
November 30, 2001, 9:00-10:30am, French Market Exhibit Hall

40.01 TeMPEST: the Texas, McDonald Photometric Extrasolar Search for Transits
N. R. Baliber, W. D. Cochran (University of Texas, Austin)
40.02 The Planet Search Program at the ESO Coudé Echelle Spectrometer: The complete Long Camera Survey Results.
M. Endl (McDonald Observatory, UT Austin), M. Kürster (European Southern Observatory ), S. Els (ITA Heidelberg, Germany), A.P. Hatzes (TLS Tautenburg, Germany), W.D. Cochran (McDonald Observatory, UT Austin), K. Dennerl, S. Döbereiner (MPE, Germany)
40.03 Using the Hobby-Eberly Telescope to Search for Extrasolar Planets
W. D. Cochran, D. B. Paulson, M. Endl (U. Texas), A. P. Hatzes (TLS Tautenburg)
40.04 Stability of a Planet in a Binary System: MACHO-97-BLG-41 Planetary System
K. Moriwaki, Y. Nakagawa (Kobe University)
40.05 Where are the massive close-in extrasolar planets?
H. Rauer (DLR Berlin), M. Paetzold (Cologne University)
40.06 Terrestrial Planet Formation in Extrasolar Planetary Systems
P. Thebault (DESPA, Observatoire de Paris), F. Marzari (Universita di Padova), H. Scholl (Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur)
40.07 Planetary Systems on the Edge
R. Barnes, T. Quinn (University of Washington)
40.08 Chromospheric Activity Studies of the Hyades: Implications for Radial Velocity Studies
D. B. Paulson (Astronomy Department, University of Texas ), W. D. Cochran (McDonald Observatory), A. P. Hatzes (Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg)
40.09 New radiative-convective equilibrium models for EGPs
C. Goukenleuque (NRC/GSFC)
40.10 Opacity Calculations for Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets
R.S. Freedman (SPRI - Nasa Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA), D.W. Schwenke (Computational Chemistry - Nasa Ames Research Center)
40.11 Relevance of O2 and O3 as biomarkers in terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres
J. Kieken, F. Selsis, D. Despois, F. Billebaud, M. Dobrijevic, J.P. Parisot (Bordeaux Observatory), Bordeaux Observatory Team
40.12 The Virtual Planetary Laboratory: Towards Characterizing Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets
V. S. Meadows, M. Allen, L. Brown, D. Crisp, A. Fijany, M. Storrie-Lombardi, E. Ustinov, T. Velusamy (JPL/Caltech), M. Richardson, Y. Yung (Caltech), W. Huntress (CIW-GL), D. DesMarais, K. Zahnle (NASA-ARC), J. Kasting (PSU), C. Morrow (SSI), N. Sleep (Stanford), M. Cohen (UC-Berkeley), K. Nealson, R. Rye (USC), M. Coleman (Univ. Reading, UK.)

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