DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 12. Kuiper Belt and KBOs Posters

Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Tuesday,
November 27, 2001, 5:00-7:00pm, French Market Exhibit Hall

12.01 Meudon Multicolor Survey of Outer Solar System Objects
A. Doressoundiram (Observatoire de Paris), N. Peixinho (Centro de Astronomia e Astrofisica da Universidade de Lisboa and Observatoire de Paris), M.A. Barucci, S. Fornasier, S. Blancho (Observatoire de Paris)
12.02 Portrait of two bright TNOs: 1999TC36 and 1998SN165.
N. Peixinho (Observatoire de Paris, France, and Centro de Astronomia e Astrofisica da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), A. Doressoundiram, M. A. Barucci, J. Romon-Martin (Observatoire de Paris, France)
12.03 A Photometric Survey of the Kuiper Belt with HST
K. Noll (STScI), M. Buie, W. Grundy, R. Millis, J. Spencer (Lowell), D. Cruikshank (Nasa/AMES), W. Romanishin (U. OK), S. Tegler (NAU)
12.04 KBOs BVRI photometry with ESO/Very Large Telescopes
A.C. Delsanti, H. Boehnhardt (ESO), L. Barrera (UCNorte, Chile), O.R. Hainaut (ESO)
12.05 ESO Large Program for TNOs: Presentation and First Results
M.A. Barucci (Obs. Paris), H. Boehnhardt, A.C. Delsanti (ESO), L. Barrera (UCNorte, Chile), C. de Bergh (Obs. Paris), K. Birkle (MPIA, Heidelberg), J. Davies (Obs. Edinburgh), A. Doressoundiram (Obs. Paris), E. Dotto (Obs. Torino), O.R. Hainaut (ESO), M. Lazzarin (Obs. Padova), K.J. Meech (IFA, Hawaii), J.L. Ortiz (Inst. Astrofisica de Andalucia, CSIC), J. Romon (Obs. Paris), P. Rousselot (Obs. Besancon), T. Sekiguchi (NOAO, Tokyo), N. Thomas (MPI fur Aeronomie), G.P. Tozzi (Obs. di Arcetri), J.I. Watanabe (NOAO, Tokyo), R. West (ESO)
12.06 Broadband Photometry of KBOs and Centaurs with MagIC: Initial Results
D. Osip, J. L. Elliot, S. D. Kern (MIT)
12.07 Colors and Compositional Characteristics of Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs
S. M. Lederer (NASA JSC), F. Vilas (NASA JSC & NASA Headquarters), K. S. Jarvis (Lockheed-Martin), L. French (Wheelock College)
12.08 TNO/Centaurs grouping tested with asteroid data sets
M. Fulchignoni, M. Birlan, M.A. Barucci (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)
12.09 Statistics of MBOSS colors
O.R. Hainaut, A.C. Delsanti (ESO)
12.10 Rotation and Color Studies of Centaurs, KBOs and Comets
T.L. Farnham (Univ. of Texas)
12.11 A study of short term variability in 2001KX76, 1999TC36 and 2000QC243
J.L. Ortiz, J.J. Lopez-Moreno, P.J. Gutierrez (Inst. Astrofisica Andalucia), S. Baumont (Inst. d'Optique Theorique et Appliquee)
12.12 Chiron's Spectrum at Outburst
J.M. Bauer, K.J. Meech, T.C. Owen (UHIfA), T.L. Roush (ARC), S.E. Dahm (UHIfA)
12.13 Search for a cometary activity on three Centaurs: 2000 EC98, 2000 GM137 and 2000 FZ53
P. Rousselot, J.M. Petit (Obs. Besancon, France)
12.14 How well do we really know short--arc KBO orbital elements?
L.H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.)
12.15 Orbits for Trans-Neptunian Objects Using Statistical Ranging
J. Virtanen, K. Muinonen (Univ. Helsinki), G. Tancredi (Univ. Montevideo), E. Bowell (Lowell Observatory)
12.16 A Large Area TNO survey with the Macho Telescope.
S. Marshall, K. Cook (LLNL), T. Axelrod, R. Moody, B. Schmidt (ANU), C. Alcock, D. Engel, J. Goldader, M. Lehner (U.Penn.)
12.17 A Tool for Observations of Centaurs/Kuiper Objects with Adaptive Optics systems
J. Berthier (IMCCE), F. Marchis (UC-Berkeley/CfAO)

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