DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 11. Outer Planet Atmospheres Posters

Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Tuesday,
November 27, 2001, 5:00-7:00pm, French Market Exhibit Hall

11.01 The Gravity Field of the Jovian System and the Orbits of the Regular Jovian Satellites
R.A. Jacobson (JPL)
11.02 Effects of Changing the Density Stratification in Magneto-Convection
M. Evonuk, G. A. Glatzmaier (University of California, Santa Cruz)
11.03 Comparison of Jovian and Terrestrial lightning as observed from space.
U.A. Dyudina, A.P. Ingersoll (Caltech), D. Boccippio (Global Hydrology & Climate Center. MSFC, AL)
11.04 HST Search for Jovian Lightning
J. Caldwell (York University), W. Borucki, K. Rages (NASA Ames)
11.05 Improved HST-WFPC2 Flatfields Revealing Finer Detail on the Planets
E. Karkoschka (U. Arizona)
11.06 Spectro-photometric observation of Jupiter using passband-tunable imaging system
T. Temma, N. Chanover (NMSU), A. Simon-Miller (NASA/GSFC), D. Kuehn (PSU), J. Hillman (University of Maryland), D. Glenar (NASA/GSFC)
11.07 Interpretation of NIMS/ Jupiter Images with the PCA Method
S. Vicente, M. Roos-Serote (CAAUL/Obs. Ast. de LIsboa ,Portugal), U.A. Dyudina (Caltech, California, USA), P. Drossart (Obser. Meudon, France), R.W. Carlson (JPL , California, USA)
11.08 Time Variations in Jupiter's Near-IR Cloud Albedo During the Galileo Epoch
D. Lofton, N.J. Chanover, R.F. Beebe, M. Vincent (New Mexico State University), G.S. Orton, B. Fisher, P. Yanamandra-Fisher (JPL)
11.09 The Spectral Character of the GRS: from UV to Near-IR using HST and Galileo/NIMS Imagery
T. W. Momary, K. H. Baines, R. A. West (JPL/Caltech)
11.10 Wavelet Analysis of Jovian Stratospheric Temperatures
L. A. Young (SwRI)
11.11 Imaging and Spectroscopy of Jupiter from Mcdonald Observatory and Galileo
B. A. DeWoody, W. R. Pryor (LASP/University of Colorado), E. S. Barker (University of Texas-Austin), R. A. West (JPL), C. Y. Na (Microsoft), W. E. Colwell (Earthwatch), W. K. Tobiska (JPL/FDC)
11.12 Scale-time and correlation analysis of lightcurves from the HIP 9369 occultation by the northern polar region of Jupiter
E. Raynaud, P. Drossart, B. Sicardy (DESPA, Obs. Paris-Meudon), W.B. Hubbard (LPL, Univ. of Arizona), K. Matcheva, T. Widemann (DESPA,Obs. Paris-Meudon), P. Bastien, R. Doyon, D. Nadeau (Phys. Dpt, Univ. of Montreal)
11.13 Models of the Formation and Growth of Jovian Polar Haze Particles
A.J. Friedson (JPL/Caltech), Y.L. Yung, A-S. Wong (Caltech)
11.14 Latitudinal variations in Jovian ultraviolet spectra
S.G. Edgington, R.A. West, A.J. Friedson (JPL), S.K. Atreya (U.Michigan), M. Vincent (NMSU)
11.15 Vertical Transport in the Jovian Upper Troposphere: Insights from Phosphine Submillimeter Observations
M. Allen (JPL/Caltech), A. Y. T. Lee (Caltech), E. Serabyn (JPL), E. W. Weisstein (Wolfram Research)
11.16 Deuterium Abundance from HD and CH3D Reservoirs in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
C. D. Parkinson, L. Ben Jaffel (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris-CNRS, France), J. C. McConnell (Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science, York U., Canada)
11.17 Radiative Damping of SL9 Splashback Regions Using Wavelength-Dependent Opacities
D. Deming (GSFC), J. Harrington (Cornell Univ.)
11.18 Cloud structure in Saturn's South Polar Region
A. Sanchez-Lavega (Univ. Pais Vasco, Spain), J. R. Acarreta (KNMI, The Netherlands), P. Tanga (Obs. Turin, Italy)
11.19 Analysis of global changes on Saturn from photometry and spectrophotometry in 1966-2000
V.G. Tejfel (Fessenkov Astrophysical Institute)
11.20 Photometric Variability of Neptune, 1950-2001
G. W. Lockwood (Lowell Observatory)
11.21 Revised Deep Water Mixing Ratio in the Galileo Probe Entry Site from GPMS Measurements
M.H. Wong, P.R. Mahaffy (NASA GSFC)
11.22 Ground-based observations of H2O and NH3 on Jupiter during the Cassini flyby. Part 1: Technique
G.L. Bjoraker, T. Hewagama (NASA/GSFC), G.S. Orton (JPL)
11.23 Ground-based observations of H2O and NH3 on Jupiter during the Cassini flyby. Part 2: Data Analysis
T. Hewagama (UMCP & NASA/GSFC), G. Bjoraker (NASA/GSFC), G.S. Orton (JPL)
11.24 Latitudinal Variations of the 2 \mum Absorption Features of (H2)2 Dimers in the Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
S.J. Kim (Kyunghee U. ), L.M. Trafton (U. Texas), T.R. Geballe (Gemini Obs.), Y.S. Lee, J.H. Kim (Kyunghee U. ), Kyunghee University Team, University of Texas Collaboration, Gemini Observatory Collaboration
11.25 Spectral images of Jupiter's stratosphere, its temperature field and major coolants.
T.K. Greathouse (University of Texas at Austin), C.A. Griffith (Northern Arizona University), J.H. Lacy, M.J. Richter (University of Texas at Austin), B. Bezard (Obs. de Paris-Meudon)
11.26 Comparative Planetology: Lessons from Photochemical Modeling of the Upper Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
J. I. Moses (LPI), T. Fouchet (Oxford), B. Bézard, E. Lellouch (Obs. Paris-Meudon), G. R. Gladstone (SwRI), H. Feuchtgruber (MPI-EP), M. Allen (JPL/Caltech)
11.27 Jovian Longitudinal Thermal Structure in mid 1999
B. M. Fisher, G. S. Orton (JPL), C. Hasenkopf (Penn. State)
11.28 The 3-5 \mum Spectrum of Uranus: Constraints on H3+, CO and PH3
T. Encrenaz (DESPA, Obs. Paris), G.S. Orton (JPL), P. Drossart, E. Lellouch (DESPA, Obs. Paris), S.K. Atreya (U. Michigan)
11.29 Will Cassini Detect Phosphine? Results from a Ray Tracing Based Radiative Transfer Model of Saturn's Atmosphere
J. P. Hoffman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), P. S. Steffes (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11.30 NASA's Planetary Astronomy and Planetary Atmospheres Programs - A Snapshot
J. J. Hillman (NASA Headquarters)

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