DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
Session 59. Asteroid Surveys and Physical Studies I
Oral, Chairs: M. Kelley, A. Rivkin, Saturday, December 1, 2001, 2:30-4:10pm, Regency E

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[59.04] Eros: Crater Densities in 3 Major Impact Features

M. Berthoud, P. Thomas, J. Veverka (Cornell)

It has been shown that for craters smaller 1km the crater density on Eros is nearly saturated, but that craters smaller than 100m are strongly depleted relative to values for saturation observed on other bodies. Here we report crater counts within the three largest impact features on Eros, Himeros, Psyche and Shoemaker Regio. We have determined crater densities in these three regions down to a size of 50m using manual digitization from NEAR MSI images.

For craters with diameter smaller than 200m Himeros has a constant R-value near 0.08. The R-value is lower for larger craters. Psyche has a crater density similar to Himeros for craters larger than 100m but a lower crater density for smaller craters. The crater density within Shoemaker Regio is less than the density in Himeros and Psyche at all sizes measured. The relative crater densities support independent geologic interpretations that Shoemaker Regio is younger than Himeros and Psyche.

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