DPS 2001 meeting, November 2001
Session 12. Kuiper Belt and KBOs Posters
Displayed, 9:00am Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday, Highlighted, Tuesday, November 27, 2001, 5:00-7:00pm, French Market Exhibit Hall

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[12.02] Portrait of two bright TNOs: 1999TC36 and 1998SN165.

N. Peixinho (Observatoire de Paris, France, and Centro de Astronomia e Astrofisica da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), A. Doressoundiram, M. A. Barucci, J. Romon-Martin (Observatoire de Paris, France)

We have been observing two bright TNOs (or EKBOs), 1999TC36 and 1998SN165, during two observational campaigns as part of the Meudon Multicolor Survey of Outer Solar System Objects.

On the first campaign, taken on August 9th and 10th of 2001, at TNG (La Palma, Spain), we have been able to measure the BVRIJ colours for both objects. For 1999TC36 we obtained: V=20.46+/-0.05, B-V=0.99+/-0.09, V-R=0.65+/-0.06, R-I=0.72+/-0.07, V-J=2.34+/-0.18; and for 1998SN165: V=21.55+/-0.06, B-V=0.82+/-0.08, V-R=0.33+/-0.08, R-I=0.51+/-0.08, V-J=2.18+/-0.12. Assuming a geometrical albedo of 0.04 we may infer an absolute magnitude of Hv=5.40+/0.05 and a diameter about 552 Km for 1999TC36, and Hv=5.67+/0.06 with about 488 Km diameter for 1998SN165.

We also present and discuss the photometric V-lighcurves taken for both the objects over a time span around 8 hours on the second observational campaign, taken on September 29th of 2001 at NTT (La Silla, Chile).

Acknoledgments: Nuno Peixinho thanks to the "Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia " of Portugal for the PhD grant.

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