DDA2001, April 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 8. Unnatrual Things

Tuesday, 3:20-4:50pm, Chaired by Stephen Lubow

8.01 I  Low Energy Transfer to the Moon
W.S. Koon (Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech), M.W. Lo (Navigation and Mission Design, Jet Propulsion Laboratory), J.E. Marsden, S.D. Ross (Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech)
8.02 Celestial Mechanics Aspects of Formation Flying Satellites
K.T. Alfriend, S.R. Vadali (Texas A&M University), H. Schaub (Sandia National Laboratory)
8.03 2000 SG344: The Story of a Potential Earth Impactor
P.W. Chodas, S.R. Chesley (JPL/Caltech)

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