DDA2001, April 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 3. Astrometry

Monday, 4:00-5:20pm, Chaired by Marc Murison

3.01 Preliminary SPM catalog of positions in the Southern Hemisphere
I. Platais (USRA), T.M. Girard, W.F. van Altena (Yale U.), D.G. Monet (USNO, Flagstaff), S.E. Urban, G.L. Wycoff, N. Zacharias (USNO, Washington DC)
3.02 An Analysis of the Scale of the USNO 26-inch Refractor
D. Pascu, L. Winter, N. Zacharias, G. Wycoff (USNO)
3.03 A New Astrometric Telescope
N. Zacharias (USNO), U. Laux (Tautenburg Observatory), C. de Vegt (Hamburg Observatory)
3.04 Parallaxes with Hubble Space Telescope
G. F. Benedict, B. E. McArthur (McDonald Observatory), T. E. Harrison (New Mexico State U.), J. Lee (Yale), C. L. Slesnick (University of Virginia), HST Astrometry Science Team
3.05 Quasar Astrometry with the Space Interferometry Mission
S. C. Unwin, A. E. Wehrle, D. L. Jones, D. L. Meier (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), B. G. Piner (Whittier College)

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