AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 95. Cosmological Parameters and Evolution

Oral, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 1:30-3:00pm, Town and Country

95.01 Closing in on the Cosmological Parameters
M. Tegmark (University of Pennsylvania)
95.02 Latest Cosmological Results from Type Ia Supernovae
R.A. Knop (LBNL), Supernova Cosmology Project Team
95.03 Redshift-Volume Test of Cosmological Parameters Using Distant Early-Type Galaxies: Further Evidence for Dark Energy in The Universe
M. Im (UCSC)
95.04D Measuring the Cosmic Equation of State with Counts of Galaxies: Prospects for the DEEP Redshift Survey
Jeffrey Newman, M. Davis (U.C. Berkeley)
95.05 Gamma-Ray Bursts Show that the Star Formation Rate Rises Steeply Between Red Shifts From 2 To 6
B. E. Schaefer (Univ. Texas Austin), D. L. Band (Los Alamos), M. Deng (Yale)
95.06D Unmasking the Baryons: Warm/Hot Gas in the Universe
L. A. Phillips (Princeton University)
95.07 Comparison of Gravitational Lens Mass Models
A. Knudson, K. U. Ratnatunga, R. E. Griffiths (Carnegie Mellon U.)

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