AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 92. Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies

Oral, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 10:30am-12:00noon, Royal Palm 3/4

92.01 Metallicity Estimation in the Rest Frame UV: A Diagnostic for High Redshift Galaxies
C. A. Tremonti (Johns Hopkins University / Space Telescope Science Institute), C. Leitherer, D. Calzetti (Space Telescope Science Institute), T. M. Heckman (Johns Hopkins University)
92.02 Stellar Photoionization Models of the Low Ionization Emission Region in the Nucleus of NGC 4569
J.R. Gabel, F.C. Bruhweiler (IACS/CUA)
92.03 The Stellar Dynamics in the Centers of the LINER Galaxies M81 and NGC~3998
G. A. Bower (NOAO/KPNO), A. S. Wilson (U. Maryland), T. M. Heckman (JHU), J. Magorrian (Durham, UK), K. Gebhardt (U. Texas), D. O. Richstone (U. Michigan), B. M. Peterson (Ohio State Univ.), R. F. Green (NOAO/KPNO)
92.04 XMM-Newton Observations of NGC 253: Resolving the Soft and Hard X-ray Emission
A. Ptak (CMU), W. Pietsch (MPE), K. Borozdin (LANL), G. Branduardi-Raymont (MSSL), M. Cappi (ITeSRE/CNR), M. Ehle (XMM-Newton SOC), P. Ferrando (CEA), M. Freyberg (MPE), S. Kahn (Columbia), T. Ponman (Birmingham), A. Read (MPE), T. Roberts (Leicester), M. Sako (Columbia), R. Shirey (UCSB), M. Ward (Leicester)
92.05 The population of discrete sources in star-forming galaxies: {\em Chandra} results on M82 and the Antennae galaxies
A. Zezas, G. Fabbiano (CfA), M. Ward (University of Leicester), A. Prestwich, S. Murray (CfA)
92.06 HST/VLA Imaging of a Possible Tidal Dwarf Galaxy in the Southern Arm of the Antennae
I. Saviane, R.M. Rich (UCLA), J.E. Hibbard (NRAO)

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