AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 78. Nearby Galaxies I

Display, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

78.01 A New Database of observed SEDs of Nearby Starburst Galaxies from the UV to the FIR
W. Wu (LSU), G. C. Clayton (LSU), K. D. Gordon (Stewa. Observatory), K. A. Misselt (NASA), T. L. Smith (LSU)
78.02 A UV through IR Look at Star Formation and Super Star Clusters in Two Circumnuclear Starburst Rings
D. Maoz (Tel-Aviv U. and Columbia U.), A.J. Barth (CfA), L.C. Ho (Carnegie Inst. of Washington), A. Sternberg (Tel-Aviv U.), A.V. Filippenko (UC Berkeley)
78.03 Classifying IR sources in the SMC: 2MASS/MSX color-based identifications.
M.P. Egan (AFRL/VS), S.D. van Dyk (IPAC)
78.04 Modeling UV-FIR SEDs of Starburst Galaxies with DIRTY
K. A. Misselt (NASA/NRC), K. D. Gordon (Steward Obs), G. C. Clayton (LSU)
78.05 Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of O and B Stars at 1/30 Solar Metallicity: The Stars of the Local Group Galaxy Sextans A
F. Bruhweiler (CUA/IACS), C. Miskey (GSFC/CUA/IACS), A. de Koter (Amsterdam), M. Smith Neubig (CUA/IACS), N Walborn (STScI), T. Lanz (GSFC/AURA)
78.06 The Star Formation History of LGS~3
B.W. Miller (Gemini), A.E. Dolphin (NOAO), P. Hodge (UWash), M.G. Lee, S.C. Kim (Seoul)
78.07 Far-Infrared Galaxies at Far-Ultraviolet Wavelengths
J.D. Goldader (U. Pennsylvania), G. Meurer, T.M. Heckman, Seibert Mark (JHU), D.B. Sanders (U. Hawaii), D. Calzetti (STScI), C. Steidel (Caltech)
78.08 A Washington Photometric Survey of the Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
C. Palma, S. R. Majewski, M. H. Siegel, R. J. Patterson (UVa Astronomy)
78.09 Imaging And Spectrophotometric Studies of A "Pure" Post-Starburst Galaxy
C. T. Liu (American Museum of Natural History)
78.10 NLTE Model Atmosphere Analysis of Main-Sequence O Stars in NGC 346
J.-C. Bouret, S. R. Heap (NASA's GSFC), I. Hubeny (AURA, GSFC), T. Lanz (U. Maryland, GSFC), D. J. Hillier (U. Pittsburgh), D. J. Lennon (IAC), L. J. Smith, C. J. Evans (UCL)
78.11 NGC 346-12, a Rapidly Rotating O9.5V Star in the SMC: Test Case of Weak Winds
T. Lanz (U. Maryland, GSFC), J.-C. Bouret, S. R. Heap (NASA's GSFC), I. Hubeny (AURA, GSFC), D. J. Hillier (U. Pittsburgh), D. J. Lennon (IAC), L. J. Smith, C. J. Evans (UCL), S. P. Owocki (U. Delaware)
78.12 A New Grid of NLTE Model Atmospheres of Hot Stars
I. Hubeny (AURA, GSFC), T. Lanz (U. Maryland, GSFC)
78.13 GALSPEC: A Tool for Computing the Spectra of Star-Forming Galaxies of Low Metallicity
S. R. Heap (NASA's GSFC), I. Hubeny (AURA, GSFC), T. M. Lanz (U. Md., GSFC), D. J. Lindler (ACC Inc., GSFC)
78.14 HST Observations of the Starburst-ISM Interaction in NGC 1569
P.L. Shopbell (Caltech), B.A. Buckalew, R.J. Dufour (Rice U.), D.K. Walter (SCSU)

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