AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 77. Galaxy Evolution II

Display, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

77.01 A Fourier-based method for automated morphological classification of galaxies
S. Odewahn, S. Cohen, R. Windhorst (Arizona State University)
77.02 Using Neural Networks to Classify Digitized Images of Galaxies
S.N. Goderya (Illinois State U.), P.C. McGuire (U.Bielefeld)
77.03 Internal Kinematics and Star Formation Rates of Faint z < 1 Galaxies in the HDF-S
G. Mallen-Ornelas (P. Universidad Catolica, Chile, and Princeton University, U.S.A.), M. Sawicki (California Institute of Technology, U.S.A.)
77.04 The Star Formation Histories of Low-Luminosity, Early-Type Galaxies
K. D. Concannon (UNC-CH), N. Caldwell (SAO), J. A. Rose (UNC-CH)
77.05 Morphologies of Star Forming Galaxies Between Redshifts of 1 and 2
A. M. Hopkins, A. J. Connolly (University of Pittsburgh)
77.06 Confusion-Limited Far-Infrared All-Sky Survey Concept
S.H. Moseley (NASA / GSFC), D.J. Benford (NASA / GSFC), E. Dwek (NASA / GSFC), M.M. Freund (NASA / GSFC), J.P. Gardner (NASA / GSFC), A. Kashlinksy (NASA / GSFC), R.A. Shafer (NASA / GSFC)
77.07 The Cosmic Infrared Background Partially Resolved by ISOCAM
D. Elbaz (CEA-Saclay/Service d'Astrophysique)
77.08 A New Set of High-Resolution Models for Population Synthesis in the Blue
R.P. Schiavon, S. Faber (UCO/Lick Observatory)
77.09 The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
B.T. Jannuzi, A. Dey, G.P. Tiede, M.J.I. Brown (NOAO), NDWFS Team
77.10 Tracing the Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
A. Dey (NOAO), C. Greer (KPNO REU and Northwestern Univ.), B.T. Jannuzi, J. Najita (NOAO), D. Stern (JPL), S. Dawson (U.C. Berkeley), F. Chaffee (W. M. Keck Observatory), H. Spinrad (U.C. Berkeley)
77.11 Infrared Observations and Data Reduction Pipeline of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
G.P. Tiede, A. Dey, B.T. Jannuzi, L.E. Davis, F. Valdes (NOAO), NDWFS Team
77.12 Deep Surveys with SIRTF's Infrared Array Camera
P.R. Eisenhardt (JPL/Caltech)
77.13 MIPS Deep Galaxy Surveys
M.J. Rieke (University of Arizona), C.A. Beichman (JPL), J. Mould (Mt. Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory), P. Richards (Univeristy of California at Berkeley), G. H. Rieke (University of Arizona), M. W. Werner (JPL), H. Dole, C. Engelbracht, K. D. Gordon, D. Hines (University of Arizona), S. J. Unger (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
77.14 Restframe Optical Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies
A. E. Shapley, C. C. Steidel (California Institute of Technology), K.L. Adelberger (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), M. Pettini (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge), M.E. Dickinson, M. Giavalisco (Space Telescope Science Institute)
77.15 The Evolution of the Luminosity Function in the HDF to z ~1.3
J. Cohen (California Institute of Technology)
77.16 A survey of Lyman alpha emitting galaxies at z=2.4
C. Scarlata, M. Stiavelli (Space Telescope Science Institute), S. Lilly (Victoria), T. Treu (Caltech), G. Bertin (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), F. Bertola (Universita' di Padova), N. Panagia (Space Telescope Science Institute)
77.17 The Morphology of Extremely Red Objects
M. Stiavelli (Space Telescope Science Institute), T. Treu (Caltech)

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