AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 65. Galaxy Evolution: High Redshift

Oral, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 1:30-3:00pm, Pacific One

65.01 Morphologies of Distant Galaxies at the Diffraction Limit of the Keck Telescope
T.M. Glassman, J.E. Larkin (UCLA)
65.02 Strong Spatial Clustering among Red Galaxies at z > 1
P. McCarthy, H. Chen, J. Wilson, A. Oemler, E. Persson (OCIW), R. Carlberg, R. Abraham (Toronto), R. Marzke (SFSU), A. Firth, R. McMahon (IoA), R. Ellis (Caltech), O. Lahav, C. Sabbey (IoA)
65.03D Galaxy Evolution at Near-Infrared Wavelengths
P. Martini (Carnegie Observatories)
65.04 The Ultraviolet-Far Infrared Energy Budget of the Gravitationally Lensed Lyman Break Galaxy MS 1512-cB58
M. Sawicki (Caltech)
65.05 Dust Emission from the Lensed Lyman Break Galaxy cB58
A.J. Baker, D. Lutz, R. Genzel, L.J. Tacconi, M.D. Lehnert (MPE Garching)
65.06 A Model for the Evolution of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate derived from the Mid-Infrared Luminosity Function
R. Chary (University of California, Santa Cruz), D. Elbaz (University of California, Santa Cruz & CEA-Saclay, France)
65.07 Evolution of Red Galaxies in the CNOC2 Sample
H. Lin (Steward), M. Sawicki (Caltech), H.K.C. Yee (Toronto)
65.08 High Resolution Optical and Near-Infrared Keck Spectroscopy of Dusty Starburst Galaxies at 0.4 < z < 0.9
N. Cardiel, D. Elbaz, R.P. Schiavon, C.N.A. Willmer, D.C. Koo (UCSC)

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