AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 46. Variable Stars

Display, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

46.01 On the Origin of Subdwarf B Stars and Related Metal-Rich Binaries
E.M. Green, J. Liebert (Steward Observatory, U of Arizona), R.A. Saffer (Dept of Astr & Astrophys, Villanova)
46.02 Resolving pulsations across the surface of a pulsating subdwarf B star.
M.D. Reed, S.D. Kawaler (Iowa State University), Whole Earth Telescope (Xcov 17) Collaboration
46.03 APT Observations of the Slowly Pulsating B Star HD1976
K. E. Andrews, R. J. Dukes (Coll. Charleston)
46.04 Observations of p-modes in \alpha Cen
J. Schou (Stanford University), D.L. Buzasi (US Air Force Academy)
46.05 Classification of the Variable Star GW Draconis
A. McLean, S. Beckstrand, E. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
46.06 Classification of the Variable Star V402 Cephei
S.D. Beckstrand, A. McLean, E. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
46.07 Image-Subtraction Photometry of Variable Stars in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy
D. Sherman (University of Pennsylvania), D. Bersier (SAO)
46.08 Variable stars in the Fornax dwarf galaxy
D. Bersier (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
46.09 Fourier Decomposition of Hipparcos Lightcurves of Classical Cepheids
K. Davis (SC Govs. Sch. Sci. Math.), R. J. Dukes (Coll. Charleston)
46.10 An Inquest of Non-Linear Pulsations in BQ Serpens and VX Puppis
T.M. Freismuth, S.B. Holmes, R.J. Dukes (Physics & Astronomy, College of Charleston)
46.11 Analysis of Ten Years of APT Observations of 53 Persei
R. J. Dukes, L. R. Mills (Coll. Charleston)
46.12 Fourier inter- and intrarelations for Cepheid light curves using OGLE and Galactic data
N. F. Bouche, S. Nikolaev, S. M. Kanbur (Department of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003)
46.13 Light Curve for V789 Cyg
V.C. Ponce (UVa), N.A. Sharp (NOAO)
46.14 Long-Term VRI Photometry of Pulsating Red Giants
J.R. Percy, J.B. Wilson (U. Toronto), G.W. Henry (Tennessee State U.)
46.15 The DIRECT Project: An Unique Sample of Bright Long-period and Irregular Variables.
K. Z. Stanek, L. M. Macri, D. D. Sasselov (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), J. Kaluzny (Copernicus Astronomical Center)
46.16 Photometric, Spectroscopic, and X-ray Analysis of the Cool Algol BD+05\arcdeg706
G. Torres, J. Mader (CfA), L. A. Marschall (Gettysburg College), R. Neuhaeuser (MPE, Germany), A. S. Duffy (Gettysburg College)
46.17 An Investigation of Period Changes for Four RS CVn Stars: UV Psc, YY Gem, CG Cyg, and XY UMa
S.B. Hughes (College of Wooster), J.R. Sowell (Georgia Tech), D.S. Hall (Vanderbilt), R.M. Williamon (Fernbank)
46.18 RX Geminorum: New Multicolor Photometry and Spectroscopy, and Light and Velocity Solutions
E.C. Olson (U of IL at Urbana-Champaign), P.B. Etzel (San Diego State Univ.)
46.19 The Components of the Delta Orionis Triple Star System
J. A. Harvin, D. R. Gies (Georgia State University), L. R. Penny (College of Charleston)
46.20 Studies of the Eclipses of the M-type Eclipsing Binary CM Dra: Surface Maps and Searches for Low-Mass Companions
J.R. Hargis, D.H. Bradstreet, J.S. Lake, F.D. Jewett, G.R. Wilkinson, J.M. Blair (Eastern College), E.F. Guinan, I. Ribas, G.P. McCook (Villanova University)
46.21 A Preliminary Survey of Short Time-Scale Optical Variables with ROTSE
T. McKay, C. Akerlof (U. Michigan), R. Balsano, J. Bloch, D. Casperson, G. Gisler (LANL), R. Kehoe (U. Michigan), B. Lee (Fermilab), S. Marshall (LLNL), E. Rykoff, D.A. Smith (U. Michigan), J. Szymanski, J. Wren (LANL), ROTSE Collaboration
46.22 V802 Aquilae and V854 Scorpii : Two Neglected High Amplitude delta Scuti Stars
E. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
46.23 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of \delta~Sco During a Recent H\alpha Emission Phase
K.S. Bjorkman, A.S. Miroshnichenko (U. Toledo)

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