AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 40. REU: Instrumentation, Star Clusters and Galaxies

Display, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

40.01 Calibration of a Small Radio Telescope
R. Montez Jr. (University of Texas at Austin)
40.02 Wavelength Calibration of 1-5 micron Infrared Spectra
A.S. Hedden (Carleton College), L. Wallace, K. Hinkle, R. Joyce (NOAO)
40.03 Rapid Flux Variability of Galactic and Extragalactic Water Masers
G. E. Prochter (University of California, Davis), J. A. Braatz (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
40.04 Photometric Monitoring of M67 with the GNAT 0.5-m Telescope
J.H. Roberts (Virginia Tech), E.R. Craine (GNAT, Inc.), M.S. Giampapa (NSO)
40.05 Metallicity of RR Lyrae Stars in M3.
K. Sandstrom (NOAO/KPNO REU)
40.06 Extended HI Envelopes Around Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
D. Chin, K. O'Neil (Arecibo Observatory)
40.07 Radio Imaging of the Starburst in NGC 3690
S.H. Teng (U.Md), J.S. Ulvestad (NRAO), S.G. Neff (NASA/GSFC), R.A. Sramek (NRAO)
40.08 Rotation Curve and Mass Decomposition for the Edge-on Spiral Galaxy UGC 711
C.M Mendelowitz, L.D Matthews, J.E Hibbard (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), E.M Wilcots (University of Wisconsin- Madison)
40.09 Free-Free Absorption on Parsec Scales in NGC 1052
T. Woodruff (Southwestern Univ.), M. Claussen, J. Ulvestad (NRAO)
40.10 Chandra Observations of Arp 220
S. Shaked (Steward Observatory, U. Arizona), J. McDowell (CfA), D. Clements (Cardiff Univ.), K. Borne (GSFC), S. Lamb (U. Illinois, Urbana Champaign), A. C. Baker (Cardiff Univ.), C. Mundell (Liverpool John Moore's Univ.), L. Colina (STScI)
40.11 Cosmic Chemical Evolution: Comparing Analytic Models to Quasar Absorption Spectra
A.D. Forestell (SARA, UVa), M.D. Leising, V.P. Kulkarni (SARA, Clemson)
40.12 An Analysis of Point Sources in Two {\em Chandra} Deep Fields
D.L. Freedman (Princeton), J.M. Vrtilek, W.R. Forman, C. Jones, S. Virani, L. Grego, L.P. VanSpeybroeck (SAO)

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