AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 38. Gas in External Galaxies

Display, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

38.01 STIS Echelle Observations of NGC 4151. III. Interstellar Medium
A.C. Danks (RPSC, GSFC), G.L. Vieira, W. Landsman (RITSS, GSFC), D.M. Crenshaw, S.B. Kraemer (CUA, GSFC), J.B. Hutchings (DAO), T.R. Gull (GSFC), M.E. Kaiser (JHU), C.H. Nelson, D. Weistrop (UNLV)
38.02 High Resolution Observations of Molecular Gas in the Tidal Arms near NGC 3077
F. Walter (Caltech), A. Heithausen (University of Bonn)
38.03 Photodissociated Gas in the Outerskirts of M31
R.I. Diaz-Miller, R.J. Allen (Space Telescope Science Institute), J.-C. Cuillandre (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope), J. Lequeux (Observatoire de Paris)
38.04 ISO-LWS Spectroscopy of M 33
S. J. Unger (Queen Mary College, University of London, UK), J. L. Higdon, J. M. van der Hulst (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen, NL)
38.05 Kinematics of the Ionized Gas Halo of NGC 5775
J. A. Collins, R. J. Rand (University of New Mexico), R. Benjamin (University of Wisconsin)
38.06 The Chimney in the Edge-on Spiral NGC 55
E. M. Schlegel (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
38.07 UV Absorption from the Gaseous Halo of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 891
E.D. Miller, J.N. Bregman, P. Seitzer (U. Michigan)
38.08 A high-resolution mosaic of HI in M33
D. A. Thilker (NRAO), R. Braun (NFRA), R.A.M. Walterbos (NMSU)
38.09 Interstellar Dust Measured through Nearby Galaxies
O. K. Krienke (Seattle Pacific U), P. W. Hodge (UWash)
38.10 Supernova Remnant and HII Region Candidates in M83
C.K. Lacey (U of South Carolina), W.M. Goss (NRAO), N. Duric (UNM)
38.11 The Small-Scale Structure of High-Velocity Na I Absorption Toward M81
K.C. Roth (Gemini Observatory), D.M. Meyer, J.T. Lauroesch (Northwestern University)
38.12 An Emission Line Survey of Nearby Dwarf Galaxy Candidates
P. W. Hodge, D. B. Zucker (UWash), E. K. Grebel (MPIHeidelberg)
38.13 A New Model for Computing Composite Spectra of Extragalactic Photodissociation Regions
M. J. Kaufman (San José State U.), J. Kubo (Brown U.), R. Bartkowski (San José State U.), M. G. Wolfire (U. of MD.)
38.14 Molecules in IC 342: Resolved Chemistry in a Galactic Nucleus
D. S. Meier, J. L. Turner (UCLA)
38.15 Resolving X-ray Emission in the Galactic ``Starburst'' NGC 3603 with Chandra
M. F. Corcoran (USRA/LHEA-GSFC), A. Moffat (University of Montreal), R. Mushotzky (GSFC), I. R. Stevens (University of Birmingham), A. Muecke, G. Skalkowski (University of Montreal), W. Brandner (IfA), B. Koribalski (CSIRO), S. Marchenko (University of Montreal), A. Ptak (CMU), A. M. T. Pollock (C & S), G. Koenigsberger (UNAM)
38.16 Emission-line Imaging of the Local Group Starburst Galaxy IC 10
D. B. Zucker (U. Washington)

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