AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 15. Optical and IR: Small Telescopes, Instrumentation and Processing

Display, Monday, January 8, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

15.01 Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute Radio and Optical Telescopes
J. D. Cline, M. W. Castelaz, D. A. Moffett, M. Lopez-Morales (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute)
15.02 High-Performance Wireless Internet Connection to Mount Laguna Observatory
P.B. Etzel (SDSU), H.-W. Braun (UCSD/SDSC)
15.03 The Research Productivity of Small Telescopes AND Ground-Based versus Space Telescopes
F. A. Ringwald (California State University, Fresno), Rebecca L. Lovell, Sarah Abbey Kays, Yolanda V. Torres, Shawn A. Matthews (Florida Institute of Technology)
15.04 Extra-solar planet searches with a Penn State optical/IR dispersive interferometer at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
D. McDavitt, J. Ge, C. DeWitt, J. Bernecker, R. Mellon, S. Mahadevan, L. Ramsey, A. Wolszczan (Penn State), M. Rushford (LLNL)
15.05 Relocating the PEMP to Flagstaff
N.M. Elias II (USNOFS), R.H. Koch, R.J. Mitchell (U.Penn.)
15.06 Calibrating the Strömvil Photometric System by M 67 at VATT
R. P. Boyle (Vatican Observatory), A. G. Davis Philip (Union College and ISO), F. Smriglio, A. Dasgupta (University of Rome), A. Kazlauskas, V. Straizys (ITPA, Vilnius)
15.07 Correcting interferometric fringe delays for atmospheric turbulence with NPOI
C. A. Hummel (USNO)
15.08 A Comparison of Michelson and Fizeau Beam Combiners for Optical Interferometry
M. L. Cobb (Southeast Missouri State University)
15.09 TEXES: The Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph
J. H. Lacy, M. J. Richter, T. K. Greathouse, D. T. Jaffe (Astronomy, University of Texas, Austin)
15.10 Development of high quality silicon grisms at Penn State for high resolution infrared spectroscopy
J. Bernecker, J. Ge, D. McDavitt, A. Hajj, L. Ramsey, S. Fonash, M. Horn (Penn State)
15.11 PRIMO: A Wide Field Prime Focus Infrared Mosaic Camera
D. Fischer (Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.), J. Bally, J. Green, J. Morse (CASA, CU-Boulder), R. Probst, R. Green, R. Joyce, M. Liang (NOAO), R. Arentz, H. Reitsema, J. Marriott (Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.)
15.12 Design of an Infrared Multi-Object Spectometer using MEMS Micro Mirror Arrays
J.W. MacKenty, R. Makidon, M. Stiavelli, R. Winsor (STScI), M. Greenhouse, R. Ohl, L. Sparr (GSFC), IRMOS Team
15.13 Silicon Grisms and Immersion Gratings for Infrared Spectroscopy
D.T. Jaffe, O. Ershov, J.P. Marsh (Dept. of Astronomy, UT Austin)
15.14 MIRSI, a Mid-InfraRed Spectrometer and Imager
L.K. Deutsch (BU/IAR), J.L. Hora (CfA), M.F. Kassis, J.D. Adams, E.V. Tollestrup (BU/IAR)
15.15 Testing and First Light for the Pop-up Bolometric Detectors (PUDs) for the High Resoultion Airborne Wideband Camera (HAWC) on SOFIA
M.M. Freund, S.H. Moseley, C.A. Allen, R.A. Shafer, G.M. Voellmer (NASA/GSFC), J. Staguhn (Raytheon ITSS & NASA/GSFC), D.A. Harper (U. of Chicago), D. Dowell, T. Phillips (Caltech)
15.16 Development of the 40-120 Micron Detector Array for AIRES
E.F. Erickson, J.L. Dotson, C.G. Mason, C.T. Koerber, A.K. Prasad, F.C. Witteborn (NASA/ARC), D. Rabanus (U.Berlin), E.T. Young (UAz)
15.17 Automatic Spectral Classification of Unresolved Binary Stars
W.B. Weaver (MIRA)

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