AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 110. AGN Emission and Absorption Properties

Display, Thursday, January 11, 2001, 9:30-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

110.01 L/LEdd and Black Hole Mass as the Drivers for Observable Properties of AGN
T. A. Boroson (NOAO)
110.02 Near Infrared Hydrogen Emission Lines in NGC 1068
S. J. Lawson, L. V. Jones (Denison University)
110.03 Mid-Infrared spectroscopic diagnostics for star-forming and active galaxies -- From ISO to SIRTF
E. Sturm (MPE)
110.04 Optical/UV Spectroscopy of the LINER NGC 3507
J.C. Shields (Ohio U.), B.M. Sabra (U. Florida), L.C. Ho (OCIW), A.J. Barth (CfA), A.V. Filippenko (UC-Berkeley)
110.05 Narrow C\,{\sc iv}\,\lambda1549 Absorption Lines in Moderate-Redshift Quasars
M. Vestergaard (OSU), L.C. Ho (OCIW)
110.06 Emission-Line Properties and Selection Effects for z > 4 Quasars
A. Constantin, J. C. Shields (Ohio U.), F. Hamann (Univ. Florida)
110.07 The Interplay of the Star Formation and the Molecular Gas within Circumnuclear Starburst Rings
E. Schinnerer, N.Z. Scoville (Caltech), L.A. Moustakas (Univ. of Oxford)
110.08 STIS Echelle Observations of NGC 4151. II. Modeling and Analysis
S.B. Kraemer, D.M. Crenshaw (CUA/GSFC), J.B. Hutchings (DAO), I.M. George (UMBC/GSFC), A.C. Danks (Raytheon/GSFC), T.R. Gull (GSFC), M.E. Kaiser (JHU), C.H. Nelson, D. Weistrop (UNLV)
110.09 STIS Echelle Observations of NGC 4151. I. Measurements of the Intrinsic Absorption
D.M. Crenshaw, S.B. Kraemer (CUA, GSFC), J.B. Hutchings (DAO), A.C. Danks (RPSC), T.R. Gull (GSFC), M.E. Kaiser (JHU), C.H. Nelson, D. Weistrop (UNLV)
110.10 Featureless Continua and Stellar Absorption Lines in the Nuclear Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies
C. H. Nelson (UNLV), M. Whittle (U. Va.)
110.11 The Origin of the Featureless Blue Continuum in Seyfert 2 Galaxies
H.R. Schmitt (NRAO-Socorro), R. Cid Fernandes (JHU, UFSC), T. Storchi-Bergmann (IF-UFRGS-Brazil), A.L. Kinney (NASA)
110.12 Fitting the rest-frame optical/UV continua of z>3 quasars
O. Kuhn (Joint Astronomy Centre)

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