AAS 197, January 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 105. Gravitational Lensing

Display, Thursday, January 11, 2001, 9:30-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

105.01 The Potential for Weak Lensing Studies with the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
H. Groch (KPNO REU and Brown University), I. Dell'Antonio (Brown University), A. Dey, B.T. Jannuzi (NOAO), NDWFS Team
105.02 Weak Lensing from SDSS/RASS Galaxy Clusters
E. Sheldon, T. McKay, J. Racusin (Mich.), J. Annis, A. Stebbins (Fermi Lab), C. Miller, R Nichol (CMU), H. Böhringer, W. Voges (MPE), P. Fischer (Toronto), J. Frieman, M. Joffre, D. Johnston (Chicago), SDSS Collaboration
105.03 Constraining Galaxy Halo Shapes with Weak Lensing
C.O. Wright, T.G. Brainerd (Boston University)
105.04 New gravitational lenses in the southern sky
J.N. Winn, P.L. Schechter, J.N. Hewitt (MIT), A. Patnaik (MPifR/Bonn), J.E.J. Lovell (CSIRO/Canberra)
105.05 Time Delay Monitoring of Gravitational Lens 2016+112
D. B. Haarsma, K. J. Hoekema (Calvin College), J. N. Hewitt (MIT), G. I. Langston (NRAO)
105.06 {\em Chandra} Imaging of the Wide Separation Quasar Pair 2345+007
P. J. Green (SAO), A. Siemiginowska (SAO), M. Markevitch (SAO), C. Kochanek (SAO), J. Silverman (SAO)
105.07 HST and Keck Snapshot Surveys for Lensed Quasars
M.D. Gregg, R.H. Becker (U.C. Davis and IGPP/LLNL), P.L. Schechter (M.I.T.), R.L. White (STScI), L. Wisotzki (U. Potsdam)
105.08 Astrometric Microlensing in Crowded Fields with SIM
N. Dalal, K. Griest (UCSD)
105.09 Microlensing Towards the Large Magellanic Cloud
E. J. McGrath (Vassar College), K. C. Sahu (STScI)

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