AAS 197, January 2001
Session 18. Star Forming Regions
Oral, Monday, January 8, 2001, 10:30am-12:00noon, Golden Ballroom

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[18.06] Constraining Pre-Main-Sequence Evolutionary Tracks via Near/Mid-Infrared Observations of Young Binaries

M. Barsony (SSI), M.E. Ressler (JPL)

We present preliminary results of a mid-infrared imaging photometric survey of the young, embedded population of the nearby (d=125 pc) Rho Oph molecular cloud core for binaries/multiple systems in the 0.3-10 arcsec separation range. One triple system, WL20, will be used as an illustrative example of how the combination of spatially resolved multiwavelength photometry (spanning 1--25 microns) with spatially resolved near-infrared spectroscopy of the individual components, can be used to test and constrain current pre-main-sequence evolutionary models.

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