AAS 197, January 2001
Session 56. Frontiers of Astrophysics III
Joint Special Session Oral, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 10:30am-12:00noon, Town and Country

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[56.06] A Deep X-ray Survey of the HST Groth-Westphal Strip Using XMM-Newton: Sources of the X-ray Background

R. E. Griffiths, T. Miyaji, A. Ptak (CMU)

The Groth-Westphal Strip is a region where 28 contiguous images were taken through V and I filters with WFPC2 on HST and these data formed the backbone of the HST Medium Deep Survey, so galaxy morphological information is available to V = 24. This region also overlaps the Canada-France-Hawaii-Redshift Survey and other ground-based imaging and spectroscopic programs.

Exposures have been taken of this field with XMM-Newton for a useful total integration time of 100 ks. We present the X-ray spectra of faint sources identified with AGN of Types I and II, LINERs, starburst and normal galaxies. Individual and summed X-ray spectra are presented for these classes of X-ray emitter. For the faintest sources, X-ray hardness ratios are used in order to separate the contributions of these galaxies to the X-ray Background in broad energy bands: 0.5-2 keV, 2-5 keV and 5-10 keV. The changing composition of the XRB is demonstrated as we go from the lowest to the highest energy band.

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