AAS 197, January 2001
Session 84. X-ray Binaries
Display, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[84.07] Multiwavelength Studies of a Few Unidentified EGRET Sources

D.R. Stern (Barnard College, Columbia U.), E.V. Gotthelf (Columbia U.), R. Mukherjee (Barnard College, Columbia U.)

More than sixty percent of the high energy gamma-ray sources detected by EGRET are unidentified, with no firmly established counterparts at other wavebands. The nature of these sources have remained a mystery in high energy astrophysics since the first surveys of the gamma-ray sky with the COS-B satellite. Some of the unidentified EGRET sources have relatively large error circles, and a multiwavelength approach is often needed to understand the nature of these sources. Here we present a summary of gamma-ray, x-ray and radio observations of two high latitude gamma-ray fields from the third EGRET (3EG) catalog. We also present observations of two localized gamma-ray sources, 3EG J2016+3657 and 3EG J2021+3716 in the 3EG Catalog.

D.R. Stern acknowledges support from the Hughes grant at Barnard College. Part of this research was done while D.R. Stern was a student at Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center.

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