AAS 197, January 2001
Session 67. New Technology and Its Achievements I
Oral, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, 1:30-3:00pm, Royal Palm 5/6

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[67.07] USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog: Southern Hemisphere complete

N. Zacharias, T.J. Rafferty (USNO), M.I. Zacharias (USRA/USNO)

This is a high precision, astrometric, all-sky survey program. The US Naval Observatory Astrograph (2 meter focal length, 4k CCD camera) stationed at Cerro Tololo since 1998, has completed sky coverage between -90 and +5 degree declination. Reductions are now based on Tycho-2 reference stars which give a positional precision of 20 mas per coordinate for stars in the 10 to 14 mag range, with 70 mas at the limiting magnitude of R=16. Systematic errors are controlled by long and short, guided exposures taken with the telescope on the east and west side of the pier.

Full sky coverage is expected by 2003 after transfering the instrument to Flagstaff, AZ in the second quarter of 2001. Proper motions will be included in the catalog, mainly using Tycho-2, AC2000, NPM and SPM data. The UCAC forms the basis for the FAME mission input catalog. A preliminary catalog is available on CD-ROM from USNO.

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