AAS 197, January 2001
Session 125. Jets and Variability in AGN and Radio Galaxies
Oral, Thursday, January 11, 2001, 1:30-3:00pm, San Diego

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[125.07] High Temporal Resolution XMM/Newton Monitoring of PKS 2155-304

R. Edelson (UCLA), R. G. Griffiths, S. Sembay, M. J. L. Turner (Univ. of Leicester), A. Markowitz (UCLA), R. S. Warwick (Univ. of Leicester), XMM EPIC Instrument Team

The bright, strongly variable BL Lac object PKS 2155-304 was observed by XMM/Newton for two uninterrupted periods of ~11 and 16 hr in 30-31 May 2000. The source showed much stronger variations in the hard (0.8-10 keV) band than the soft (0.1-0.7 keV) band. After scaling the variability amplitudes, the hard and soft light curves had very similar overall shapes and tracked well on >1 hr long time scales. They did however show significant detailed differences on shorter time scales. No significant interband lag was detected down to limits of < ~0.5 hr. These results will be compared with previous claims, based on lower signal/noise light curves interrupted on the 1.6 hr orbital period, that the hard X-rays led the soft by ~0.3-1.1 hr. They will also be interpreted in terms of the SSC emission model of blazars.

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