AAS 197, January 2001
Session 77. Galaxy Evolution II
Display, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[77.03] Internal Kinematics and Star Formation Rates of Faint z < 1 Galaxies in the HDF-S

G. Mallen-Ornelas (P. Universidad Catolica, Chile, and Princeton University, U.S.A.), M. Sawicki (California Institute of Technology, U.S.A.)

Recent redshift surveys and their follow-up kinematic and morphological studies have greatly improved our understanding of the evolution of the galaxy population over z = 0-1. However, these advances have focused mainly on galaxies with luminosities around L*, and there is evidence that a very important role in the story of galaxy evolution may be played by fainter and physically small galaxies. We present preliminary results of a spectroscopic survey of faint z=0-1 galaxies in the HDF-S. Our targets were pre-selected in an efficient way on the basis of photometric redshifts, and R=2500 spectroscopy was obtained with FORS2 on the VLT-UT2. We show results on spectroscopic redshifts, internal kinematics, and star formation rates for our sample, as well as their interpretation in the context of the size-dependent luminosity function in the HDF N+S.

Based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, Chile, ESO proposal No. 65.O-0674.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: mallen@astro.puc.cl

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