AAS 197, January 2001
Session 29. Protostellar Outflows
Oral, Monday, January 8, 2001, 1:30-3:00pm, Royal Palm 3/4

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[29.02] Rotating Gas Envelopes of the Youngest Protostars and Jets

J. J. Wiseman (JHU), G. A. Fuller (UMIST), A. Wootten (NRAO)

We present results from our current study of the molecular gas cocoons surrounding the youngest protostars. These Class 0 and Class I objects have powerful and highly collimated jets. The gas envelopes in which they are embedded contain a significant amount of mass which has yet to be accreted onto the protostar or dispersed by jets and winds. Our VLA NH3 study includes the sources L1634, HH 111, NGC 2023, HH 24-25, HH 211, and IRAM 04191+1522. Preliminary results for several sources show large, 10000 AU gas envelopes flattened along the jet axis. Fast (5-10 km sec-1 pc-1) velocity gradients are detected, with rotation curves indicative of the large scale extended mass distribution of the envelope. We present maps of heating from the protostellar jet sources at the cores of the envelopes. We also discuss the evidence for jets as release paths for angular momentum in these accreting systems, and we compare the dynamics of single-source and multi-source systems.

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