AAS 197, January 2001
Session 75. Jets in AGN
Display, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 9:30am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[75.03] \bf NGC 4319/Markarian 205 Association As a Template for Discordant Redshifts Explainable by the Transverse Doppler Effect

L. M. Ozernoy (GMU and NASA/GSFC)

Probably, the most intriguing case of closely associated objects having discordand redshifts is represented by the galaxy NGC 4319 (z=0.006) and a peculiar object Mrk~205 (z=0.07) just 40\prime\prime away [1]. The luminous connection extending from Mrk~205 into the galaxian nucleus as well as a corresponding feature on the opposite side of the disk linking the nucleus with a bright UV knot may indicate an explosive ejection of both the objects from the nucleus [2]. Below, I propose to explain the essentially discordant redshifts of Mrk~205 and the UV knot by ejecting them with a relativistic velocity, similar to the two redshifted peculiar objects aligned across NGC~4258 [3]. In my interpretation, the redshift of Mrk~205 includes (i) a receding component, zr=0.065, due to the transverse Doppler effect and (ii) a cosmological component, zc=0.006. The velocity of ejection and the angle between the direction of ejection and the line of sight are found to be vej/c=(zr+za)1/2\approx 0.261 and \vartheta= \arccos (zr-za)(zr+za)-1/2\approx 76\circ.3, correspondingly, assuming the UV knot to approach with redshift za\approx 0.003 [2]. The proposed interpretation has a number of testable consequences, including the decisive test: Mrk~205 is expected to have an annual proper motion of \geq 0.8~(D/20~{\rm Mpc} )-1 milliarcsec, which could be measured at radio wavelengths for the unresolved radio counterpart [4] to Mrk~205. If confirmed, this model would indicate that some pairs of quasar-like sources aligned with galaxies represent relativistic ejecta from the galactic nuclei, and the redshifts of those sources include a substantial component produced by the transverse Doppler effect. \vspace{0.5cm}

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\noindent [1] Arp, H. 1995, IAU Symp. 168, p.~369 and refs. therein\\ \noindent [2] Sulentic, J.W. & Arp, H. 1987, ApJ 319, 687 and 693\\ \noindent [3] Ozernoy, L.M. 1996, Bull. Amer. Astr. Soc. 28, 846\\ \noindent [4] Sulentic, J.W. 1986, ApJ 304, 617 }

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