HEAD 2000, November 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 14. Galaxy Cluster Surveys

Display, Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Bora Bora Ballroom

14.01 ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey: First Results from a COMPLETELY Identified X-ray Survey
I.M. Gioia (IfA, Honolulu, HI and IRA, Bologna, Italy)
14.02 The SDSS-ROSAT Cluster Survey
R. Nichol (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), Computational AstroStatistics Team, SDSS Collaboration
14.03 The ROSAT Optical X-ray Survey of Clusters of Galaxies: A Simultaneous Optical and X-ray Search for Clusters
M. E. Donahue (STScI), ROX Collaboration
14.04 The Chandra Deep Field South: Galaxies and Clusters
P. Tozzi (OAT), R. Giacconi (JHU, AUI), P. Rosati (ESO), M. Nonino (OAT), G. Hasinger (AIP), C. Norman (JHU, STScI), J. Bergeron (ESO), S. Borgani (INFN), R. Gilli (Univ. Firenze), R. Gilmozzi (ESO), W. Zheng (JHU)
14.05 Cosmology from Future Xray/Optical Cluster Surveys
C.J. Miller, R.C. Nichol (CMU), J. Annis (FNAL), E.S. Sheldon, T.A. McKay (Univ. of Michigan), W. Voges (MPE), A.L. Melott (Univ. of Kansas)
14.06 Systematics in Connecting Cluster Surveys and Cosmology
J.J. Mohr (U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), M.B. Hoffman (U Chicago), J.J. Bialek, A.E. Evrard (U Michigan)
14.07 CIZA: A systematic X-ray search for clusters of galaxies in the zone of avoidance
H. Ebeling, C.R. Mullis, R.B. Tully (Institute for Astronomy)

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