HEAD 2000, November 2000
Session 25. X-Ray Binaries - Spectroscopy
Display, Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Bora Bora Ballroom

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[25.16] The Dust-Scattered Halo of OAO 1657-415 observed with ASCA

M. D. Audley, F. Nagase, K. Mitsuda (ISAS), L. Angelini (USRA / GSFC), R. L. Kelley (NASA / GSFC)

We report on two ASCA observations of OAO 1657-415. A short observation near mid-eclipse caught the source in a low-intensity state. A later, longer observation of the source in its high state covered the eclipse ingress through mid-eclipse. We find that the eclipse emission is dominated by a soft, spatially extended component whose intensity decreases through the eclipse. We attribute this to interstellar dust scattering. We use the decaying dust-scattered X-ray halo to place constraints on the nature of the interstellar dust and the distance to the source.

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