HEAD 2000, November 2000
Session 31. Galactic Black Holes
Display, Thursday, November 9, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Bora Bora Ballroom

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[31.07] Multiwavelength Rapid Variability in XTE\,J1118+480

R. I. Hynes (University of Southampton), C. A. Haswell, S. Chaty (The Open University), W. Cui (MIT), C. R. Shrader (NASA/GSFC)

The black hole candidate XTE\,J1118+480 has been in an unusual low-state outburst since January 2000. It has exhibited large amplitude rapid variability on timescales of tens of seconds and less at all wavelengths with a sufficient count rate to detect such variability. We will compare X-ray data with simultaneous (UV) and contemporaneous (UV--IR) data. Very similar power density spectra are seen at X-ray and UV wavelengths, with a prominent low-frequency QPO at ~.1\,Hz, evolving with time. Simultaneous X-ray and UV lightcurves are well correlated down to timescales of seconds. The correlated variability could arise either from reprocessing of X-ray variations by the disc or companion star, or from a component of emission originating in the X-ray production region, likely close to the compact object. Possible lags between the wavebands will constrain explanations. This presentation is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

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