DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
Session 20. Trojans, Centaurs, Kuiper Belt Objects - II
Oral, Chairs: B. Gladman, J. Elliot, Tuesday, 2000/10/24, 1:30-3:30pm, C106

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[20.01] The Deep Ecliptic Survey

R. L. Millis, M. W. Buie, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), J. L. Elliot, S. D. Kern (MIT), R. M. Wagner (Large Binocular Telescope Obs.)

We are conducting a search for Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs using the 8Kx8K MOSAIC CCDs on the 4-meter telescopes at KPNO and CTIO. Our techniques maximize the area of sky searched per night while reaching a limiting magnitude of approximately 24 in R. This approach allows us to rapidly discover KBOs bright enough for the determination of their orbits ultimately to be feasible. Through this approach, we intend to define the size, shape, and content of the Kuiper Belt. In this paper, we will briefly summarize the techniques used in the survey and highlight the results achieved to date. By the end of February 2000, 7 useful nights of observing had yielded 68 KBOs and 2 Centaurs. Of these, 55 of the KBOs and both Centaurs have received designations. One of the KBOs, 2000 CR105, is a member of the scattered population. While we are at an early stage in the survey, even now interesting characteristics of the Kuiper Belt are becoming apparent and will be discussed.

This work is supported by NASA Grants NAG5-8990 (Lowell) and NAG5-3940 (MIT).

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