DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
Session 57. Laboratory Work Posters
Displayed, 1:00pm, Monday - 1:00pm, Friday, Highlighted Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-6:30pm, C101-C105, C211

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[57.01] IR Identification of Major Products in Laboratory Processed Ices Relevant to Triton and Pluto

M. H. Moore (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), R. L. Hudson (Eckerd College), P A. Gerakines (UAB and NRC/NASA-GSFC)

Nitrogen (N2), methane (CH4), and carbon monoxide (CO) have all been identified in the IR spectrum of Pluto (Owen et al.,1993; Doute et al.,1999). The same ices are present on Triton along with separated terrains containing water (H2O) and carbon dioxide(CO2) (Quirico et al., 1999). We have identified the major products in UV-photolyzed and proton-irradiated pure ices of N2, CH4, and CO at T < 25 K using mid-IR spectroscopy. Processed ice mixtures of CH4 or CO diluted in solid N2 along with results from the ternary mixture N2 + CH4 + CO will be presented. A list of major products from UV-photolyzed compared with those of proton-irradiated ices will be discussed along with the thermal evolution of processed N2 + CH4 + CO ice.

Owen, T. C., et al., Science 261, 745; Doute, S. et al., 1999, Icarus 142, 421; Quirico, E. et al., 1999 Icarus 139, 159

This research is funded through NRA 344-33-01 and 344-02-57. RLH was supported through NASA grant NAG-5-1843 and PAG held a NAS-NRC/NASA-GSFC research associateship

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