Solar Physics Division Meeting 2000, June 19-22
Session 8. Living with a Star 2: Solar Connections
Oral, Chair: G. A. Doschek, Tuesday, June 20, 2000, 10:30am-12:05pm, Forum

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[8.04] Center-to-Limb Variations of Small-Scale Magnetic Features

C. Denker, T. J. Spirock, H. Wang, P. R. Goode (Big Bear Solar Observatory/New Jersey Institute of Technology)

During August/September 1999, we observed continuum images in the visible (520 nm) and infrared (1600 nm) of various active regions during their limb-to-limb passage. The images were obtained with the 65~cm vacuum reflector of the Big Bear Solar Observatory and speckle masking has been applied to obtain almost diffraction limited images of small-scale magnetic features such as pores, magnetic knots, and faculae. The infrared images were taken with a new 320 \times 240 pixel, 12-bit, 30 fps InGaAs CCD camera. The continuum images are complemented by videomagnetograms obtained at Ca\,I (610.3 nm) with the 25~cm vacuum refractor. We present the first results of a comprehensive study on the relationship of magnetic field strength and continuum contrast of small-scale magnetic features as a function of disk position. The underlying mechanism of small-scale flux tubes is of particular importance for solar irradiance variations over the 11 year solar activity cycle.

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