Solar Physics Division Meeting 2000, June 19-22
Session 2. Corona, Solar Wind, Flares, CMEs, Solar-stellar, Instrumentation, Other
Display, Chair: J. Krall, Monday-Thursday, June 19, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Forum Ballroom

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[2.60] Magnetic Reconnection and Energetics of the 2000 March 22 Solar Flare

P. T. Gallagher, D. E. Gary, J. Lee (Center for Solar Research, NJIT)

The evolution and properties of the 2000 March 22 X--class flare from the \beta\delta active region NOAA 8910 are discussed using high resolution radio observations from the Owen's Valley Solar Array, TRACE UV and EUV filtergrams, GOES soft X--rays, and magnetograms from MDI on board SOHO.

The episodic flare evolution is found to be extremely complicated at all observed wavelengths and releases a large amount of both thermal and non--thermal energy. From the UV and EUV observations, the flare is shown to be consistent with the model in which the release of energy is caused by several, successive loop interactions while the radio observations identify multiple non--thermal electron acceleration sites. The final stage of the flare is then characterised by the emergence of a set of post--flare loops parallel to the magnetic neutral line as the system relaxes.

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