Solar Physics Division Meeting 2000, June 19-22
Session 2. Corona, Solar Wind, Flares, CMEs, Solar-stellar, Instrumentation, Other
Display, Chair: J. Krall, Monday-Thursday, June 19, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Forum Ballroom

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[2.105] Standardized Coordinate Systems for Solar Image Data

W.T. Thompson (SM&A Corp., NASA Goddard SFC)

The current state of describing the coordinates of solar image data is chaotic, and does not take into account the most recent developments in the coordinate systems for astronomy in general, especially as related to FITS files. A set of formal systems for describing the coordinates of solar image data is proposed. These systems build on current practice in applying coordinates to solar image data. Both heliographic and heliocentric coordinates are discussed. A distinction is also drawn between heliocentric and helioprojective coordinates, where the latter takes the observer's exact geometry into account. The extension of these coordinate systems to observations made from non-terrestial viewpoints, such as STEREO and Solar Probe, is discussed. A formal system for incorporation of these coordinates into FITS files, based on the FITS World Coordinate System, is described, together with examples.

This work was supported by NASA grant NAS5-32350.

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