AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 50. Active Galaxies

Display, Thursday, June 8, 2000, 9:20am-4:00pm, Empire Hall South

50.01 X-rays from the Nearest Major Elliptical Maffei 1 and the Starburst Spiral Maffei 2
M. Mateen, W.N. Brandt (Penn State)
50.02 The AGN candidate in M82: the remnant of a hypernova?
H. Matsumoto (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), T.G. Tsuru (Kyoto University), S. Matsushita, R. Kawabe (Nobeyama Radio Observatory), A. Prestwich (Center for Astrophysics)
50.03 A Composite QSO Using SDSS Spectra
D.E. Vanden Berk (Fermilab), G.T. Richards (Chicago), SDSS Collaboration
50.04 Poissonian analysis of quasar variability: Theory & Application
R. Cid Fernandes (JHU & UFSC-Brazil), L. Sodre (IAG-USP-Brazil)
50.05 Optical and Radio Imaging of an Infrared Selected Sample of Seyfert Galaxies
H.R. Schmitt (STScI), A.L. Kinney, C.J. Clarke (NASA Headquarters), J.E. Pringle (IoA-Cambridge), R.R.J. Antonucci (UCSB), J.S. Ulvestad (NRAO)
50.06 A History of Correlations Between Optical and Radio Outbursts in the Blazar AO 0235+164
E.J. McGrath (Vassar Coll.), T.J. Balonek (Colgate Univ.), T.J. Brandt (Vassar Coll.)
50.07 Space VLBI Monitoring Observations of Virgo A at 6cm
B. Junor (UNM), J. Biretta (STScI)
50.08 Narrow Absorption Lines in Moderate-Redshift Quasars
M. Vestergaard (OSU), L.C. Ho (OCIW)
50.09 Structure of the X-ray Emission from the Jet of 3C 273
H.L. Marshall, J. C. Lee, P.M. Ogle (MIT CSR), J. J. Drake, A. Fruscione, J. Grimes, D. Harris, R. Kraft, D. Pease, D. Schwartz, A. Siemiginowska, S. Vrtilek, B. Wargelin (SAO)
50.10 Re-evaluation of the Temporal behavior of the Gravitationally Redshifted Fe K alpha line in MCG-6-30-15 and with Archival Ginga Data
R. Sivron, T. Franklin (Bucknell University)
50.11 On The Reddening in X-ray Absorbed Seyfert 1 Galaxies
S.B. Kraemer (CUA/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center), I.M. George (USRA/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center), T.J. Turner (UMBC/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center), D.M. Crenshaw (CUA/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)
50.12 Compton-thick Tori in two Seyferts: ESO 138-G1 & Tololo 0109-383
M. J. Collinge, W. N. Brandt (Penn State U.)
50.13 ``New" Seyfert 2 Galaxies With Hidden Broad-Line Regions
L. Kay (Barnard Coll., Columbia U.), E. C. Moran, A. V. Filippenko (U. C. Berkeley), A. J. Barth (CfA), A. M. Magalhaes (IAGUSP, Univ of Sao Paulo)
50.14 An Optical Polarization Survey of Infrared-Selected QSOs
P.S. Smith, G.D. Schmidt, D.C. Hines (Steward Observatory), R.M. Cutri, B.O. Nelson (Caltech, IPAC)
50.15 NIRSPEC Spectra of High-z Radio Galaxies
J.E. Carson, J.E Larkin, I.S. McLean (UCLA), J.R. Graham (UCB), E.E. Becklin (UCLA), D.F. Figer (STScI), A.M. Gilbert (UCB), N.A. Levenson (UCB, JHU), H.I. Teplitz (LASP, GSFC), M.K. Wilcox (UCLA)
50.16 Radial Velocities of Narrow-Line Region Gas of Markarian 3
J.R. Ruiz (CUA/IACS), D.M. Crenshaw, S.B. Kraemer (CUA/GSFC)
50.17 NGC 4051 and the Nature of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
B.M. Peterson (Ohio State), I.M. McHardy (Southampton), B.J. Wilkes (CfA), International AGN Watch Collaboration
50.18 Hard X-ray Emission and the Ionizing Source in LINERs
Y. Terashima (NASA/GSFC), L.C. Ho (OCIW), A.F. Ptak (Carnegie Mellon University)
50.19 Looking Closely at ``Medusa": Star Forming Regions in NGC 4194
D. Weistrop, D. Eggers, C.H. Nelson (UNLV), M.E. Kaiser (JHU)
50.20 Higher Resolution Observations of the Accretion Disk in NGC 4261
D.L. Jones (JPL/Caltech), A.E. Wehrle (IPAC/JPL/Caltech), B.G. Piner, D.L. Meier (JPL/Caltech)
50.21 Production of the High Energy-Momentum Spectra of Quasars 3C 279 and 3C 273 Using the Penrose Mechanism
R. K. Williams (University of Florida and Bennett College)
50.22 Color and Polarization Models of High Redshift Radio Galaxies
K. C. Chambers (University of Hawaii)

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