AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 39. Gamma Ray Bursters: Supernovae and Their Remnants

Display, Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 10:00am-7:00pm, Empire Hall South

39.01 Relativistic Kinematics of Emission Regions of Gamma-ray Bursts
J. D. Salmonson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
39.02 The Cellular Structure of Carbon Detonations
B. Fryxell, F.X. Timmes, M. Zingale, L.J. Dursi, P. Ricker (University of Chicago), K. Olson (University of Chicago, NASA/GSFC), A.C. Calder, H. Tufo (University of Chicago), P. MacNeice (NASA/GSFC), J.W. Truran, R. Rosner (University of Chicago)
39.03 Plasma instabilities driven by intense neutrino winds and anomalous heating in supernovae
J. M. Dawson (UCLA), R. Bingham (Rutherford Lab), L. O. Silva (UCLA)
39.04 The rapid emergence of new hotspot activity in SNR 1987A
B. E. Sugerman, S. S. Lawrence (Columbia University), P. Bouchet (CTIO), A. P. S. Crotts, R. R. Uglesich (Columbia University), S. R. Heathcote (CTIO)
39.05 Unveiling the nature of the supernova remnant: G21.5-0.9
S. Safi-Harb (NAS/NRC, NASA's GSFC), I.M. Harrus, R. Petre (NASA's GSFC), A.B. Koptsevich, D. Sanwal, G.G. Pavlov (Penn State)
39.06 The Hubble Heritage Image of the Crab Nebula Supernova Remnant
W.P. Blair (JHU), J. English, H.E. Bond, C.A. Christian, L. Frattare, F. Hamilton, Z. Levay, K.S. Noll (STScI)
39.07 A FUSE Observation of the Vela Supernova Remnant
R. Sankrit, W.P. Blair, K.R. Sembach, R.L. Shelton (JHU)

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